November 28, 2023

How social media influencers are changing the online gambling industry

Gone are the days when gambling companies depended only on celebrities or sportspersons to represent their brands. The unwavering growth of social networking platforms opened a new medium of promotion for them to reach the targeted audience through influencer marketing. Simply put, companies use someone else’s popularity to boost their own. 

Let’s understand how influencers are shaping the gambling industry.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is reaching out to potential clients with the help of high-profile social media personalities having a large following. It can include vloggers, bloggers, and micro-influencers. Companies collaborate with these influencers to promote branded content and increased brand exposure.

Social media influencers add a human connection to online marketing strategies. Call it a digital version of word of mouth, but that goes beyond recommendations from family and friends. When a user’s favorite person recommends something, it becomes more valuable and genuine.

Impact of Social Media Influencers on the Online Gambling Industry

A report shows that social media is an integral part of internet users, with an average usage of 147 minutes daily. Hence, influencer marketing can be a cornerstone in the gambling industry for several reasons.

  • High Conversion Rate

As an expert in their field, influencers can considerably impact the followers. The subscribers will more often accept their recommendations and opinions.

  • Builds Trust

Gambling influencers receive requests from online casino operators to try and post reviews about their games, events, or promotions. Honest and first-hand reviews about gambling services build trust with potential gamblers.

  • Persuasive Content Strategy

Industry expert betting influencers consistently produce quality and engaging content to stay connected with their followers. This influencer-generated content performs better and garners more engagement for iGaming companies.

Famous Social Media Gambling Influencers

Here’re three renowned gambling influencers that companies partner with to reach a wider audience.

Casino Daddy 

84.7K subscribers

If you want to promote high-stakes slots and table games, it’s the ultimate influencer channel. Three Swedish brothers manage this gambling Youtube channel. They don’t just post new video content but also live-stream their betting activities daily. 

Their channel receives around 30 to 50k views on every post. Hence, several iGaming companies approach Casino Daddy to promote their upcoming gambling events and offers.

Lady Luck

YouTube: 319K subscribers

Facebook: 401k followers

Instagram: 125k followers

TikTok: 194.8K Followers

Francine Maric, or Lady Luck, is a famous female gambling influencer with a presence on almost every social networking channel. Francine shares informative videos and posts about gambling tips, no verification casinos, offers, and the latest jackpots, such as Caesar Rewards. Besides, she shares her life as a gambling influencer on TikTok and Instagram channels.

She is a highly active slot gaming influencer with the most followers from the USA. Moreover, her YouTube vlogs garner millions of views. So if your target audience is America, connect with Lady Luck to build your brand identity.

Payne Insider

Twitter: 42.9K Followers

A pro sports bettor, Payne is a famous influencer on Twitter. He majorly covers information and betting predictions about NFL and Super Bowl. Besides, he runs a Bet The Board Pod podcast where he talks about the latest odds and news. 

Well-known sportsbooks like Fansduel collaborated with Payne to promote sports betting through his highly engaged Twitter account.

Challenges for Betting Companies

Influencer marketing is valuable to iGaming companies aiming to grow their reach. However, getting started can be tricky. Social media influencers are protective of their brand and followers alike. So they will only promote your betting site if they value your service.

Thus, building a genuine relationship with gambling influencers is crucial for the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Tips to Build a Relationship with a Social Media Influencer

  • Analyze their account and shared content
  • Follow and engage with their social media content
  • Send them an attractive, personalized email to introduce your brand
  • Be clear about your marketing expectations
  • Make a stand-out offer
  • Be respectful and honest


1. Why are social media influencers so powerful?

Social influencers use an authentic approach to promote your brand’s product or service. Increased engagement, building brand presence, and more lead generation are significant benefits of influencer marketing.

2. How does the media influence gambling?

Research shows gambling activities become more socially acceptable when a favorite influencer promotes them. Besides, influencer marketing impacts players’ betting habits, behavior, and preferences.

3. Why build relationships with influencers?

Building a long-term relationship with gambling influencers enablesbrands to create more creative and compelling content for marketing campaigns. It also builds credibility in the market through the influencer’s followers. 

In a Nutshell

The role of influencers is invaluable in the gambling industry. Collaborating with influencers means maximizing website traffic and revenue for your betting business. Unlike traditional marketing methods, they can spread awareness about new bonuses or events with a personal touch. 

So take your iGaming brand to new heights with influencer marketing.

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