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Hamburg adopts strategy to expand digital mobility in public transport


The Hamburg Senate has adopted a strategy for digital mobility. As an important part of the mobility transition, it is intended to help make transportation in Hamburg more digital, more efficient and easier for people. Among other things, the strategy focuses on the digital underground and suburban railroad, the development of autonomous on-demand shuttles and intelligent traffic lights as well as strengthening hvv switch as a central mobility platform.

With the “Digital Mobility Strategy”, Hamburg is also building on the agreement with the federal government that made the metropolitan region a metropolitan model region for mobility. In addition to digital rail and autonomous shuttles, the UITP Summit in 2025 and 2027 is an important component. The UITP Summit is considered the world’s most important mobility congress with an associated trade fair.

Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Transition: “Digitalization offers an enormous opportunity for the mobility transition. It can make mobility easier, more convenient and faster for people. With the digitalization projects for the subway, for example, we can run trains every 100 seconds and thus significantly increase the service for people. Or we can supplement the traditional public transport services of buses and trains with autonomous shuttles and thus achieve the Hamburg-Takt throughout the city, where everyone receives a public transport service within five minutes.”


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