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Cayman:George Town Man Formally Charged with Three Counts of Burglary


A 31-year-old-man of George Town was arrested on Wednesday 10 April in relation to several theft related crimes including burglary and theft from motor vehicles. The man was kept in custody as investigations were carried out in relation to these various offenses and has since been charged with three counts of Burglary relating to three separate incidents at commercial properties in George Town.

The first incident took place on 1 March at the Humane Society located on North Sound Road in George Town where a tip Jar containing money was stolen from the location. The second incident took place on 1 April at a Reflections outlet on North Church Street where cash along with other items from the store was stolen. The third incident took place on 8 April at the Popo Jebs Restaurant and Bar also located on North Church Street in George Town, where cash, liquor and tobacco products were stolen.

The George Town man appeared in court today 12 April where he was remanded in custody and is schedule to re-appear on Tuesday 16 April at 10AM.


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