October 23, 2020

Grand Cayman Purple Ribbon Bus – FREE Transportation on New Year’s Eve


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Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.27.35 AMThe RCIPS is very glad to facilitate the following initiative of the National Drug Council to provide free transportation on New Year’s Eve through the Purple Ribbon Bus – see below

We hope the community with take advantage of this programme and ensure a safer New Year’s Eve for everyone.


The National Drug Council () is once again pleased to announce that the Purple Ribbon Bus service will run this New Year’s Eve, 31st December 2015 from 9 pm to 4 am. The Purple Ribbon Bus service has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of Dart, Ecay, High Impact Media, Greenlight RE, Jacques Scott Group Ltd. and Cayman National Bank.

This year marks fifteen (15) years since the inception of the programme, a partnership between the NDC and local organizations to provide the Designated Driver Programme and the New Year’s Eve Purple Ribbon Bus service during the festive Holiday Season. Over the years, thousands of revelers have utilized the free bus service on New Year’s Eve, which was established with the aim of reducing the number of drunk driving incidents on our roads.

Despite the legislation, the increased patrols by the police and public education and awareness campaigns, drunk driving remains a serious issues in the Cayman Islands. Before getting behind the wheel after having a few, people need to consider the many reasons why you should not. Alcohol impairs motor skills and this equates to people being less competent drivers than when they are sober, alcohol reduces your judgment and the time in which one reacts to a situation. Don’t forget drunk driving wrecks lives, can lead to arrest and imprisonment, loss of one’s driver’s license, and can ultimately be responsible for taking someone’s life or your own.

Thank you to the generous support of this year’s sponsors; Dart, Ecay, High Impact Media, Greenlight RE, Jacques Scott Group Ltd. and Cayman National Bank, who have already signed on in support of the “Purple Ribbon Bus” this year. The NDC is still seeking some additional support to ensure that there is a full complement of free buses operating beginning at 9 pm on New Year’s Eve. There are currently seven (7) busses secured with a goal of ten (10) buses which will ensure shorter wait times and more efficient service. The busses will run regular routes from West Bay to Bodden Town and to East End and North Side hourly between the hours of 9 pm and 4 am.

This year in addition to reflective magnetic signage the Purple Ribbon Buses will also be allowed to have purple lights. We aim to ensure that our busses will be highly visual to persons wishing to use the free New Year’s Eve bus service. This was all made possible under a special arrangement with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

NDC’s Programme Manager, expressed, “We would like to change the culture of our people to one where drinking and driving is no longer the norm, but rather a culture where our people begin to plan ahead and designate a driver, or on nights such as this they utilise the FREE bus service. Whether you’re in North Side or West Bay, we anticipate having buses every 10 to 15 minutes running a regular route. Just look out for a bus with purple lights, flag it down and ride to your destination for free! We are certainly very thankful to the Deputy Commissioner for granting permission for us to use the purple lights; this takes the service to a more highly visual level. Our busses already make continued stops at all bus stops, all major bars and restaurants and we are encouraging residents and visitors alike to use this free and safe service,” explained Mrs. Watson.

Director Joan West-Dacres states, “We are happy for the continued support of some of our annual sponsors as well as the new sponsors and their pledge of financial support to ensure that the “Purple Ribbon Buses” are made available again this holiday season. We encourage others to sponsor this initiative and help the NDC and your communities have a safe and happy holiday season. Every family looks forward to celebrating the holidays with our family and friends but our celebrations shouldn’t include drinking and driving!! Plan ahead and ensure you have a safe ride home. Remember that preventing drinking and driving is everyone’s business and we all need to play our role. Don’t drink and drive!”

9pm – 4am

Designated Driver Programme 2015

Several local restaurants, bars and clubs will participate in the Designated Driver Programme again this year. This programme is simple; persons who identify themselves as a Designated Driver to their server can receive free non-alcoholic beverages all evening, aScreen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.27.48 AMnd will be given a purple wristband bracelet identifying them as the designated driver. The NDC is grateful for the participating establishments for doing their part to reduce drunk driving during this holiday season. Restaurants that have confirmed their participation are:

Any other establishments wishing to participate in the Designated Driver Programme should contact the NDC on 949-9000 to confirm their participation and request the purple wristbands.

The message is clear and simple: Don’t Drink & Drive – Either designate a driver or use the “Purple Ribbon Buses”. For more information, please call Brenda Watson of the National Drug Council on 949- 9000.

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