October 23, 2020

Gardening fever comes to Red Bay Primary


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(L-R) Mrs. Dawn Largie, Brownie Club leader, members of the Brownie Troop, and Mr. Kenneth Webster from Webster’s Tours.

It’s nothing but fresh produce for the Gardening Club and Brownies at Red Bay Primary.

The school is proud to be boasting two significant vegetable gardens on its campus. The Gardening Club is run by Mrs. Paulette Williams, a support assistant and Mrs. Simone Ross, art teacher. The club meets on Fridays from 3.15-4pm and has 25 students who participate weekly.

The Gardening Club has been so successful that during its inception students began giving away their produce to parents and peers. The students of the Garden Club also take home samples of their work.

The garden boasts tomatoes, lettuce, rosemary, black mint, seasoning peppers, callaloo and scotch bonnet to name a few.

Mrs. Williams, who has a passion for gardening and began the initiative at the school, notes, “The children have become so enthusiastic about the Gardening Club they are asking their parents to start a garden at home.”

Mrs. Ross commented on the enthusiasm of the children by saying, “Each of the kids loves to come into the garden. They are thrilled to plant the seeds, to see the plants grow and eventually to be able to pick vegetables from the garden.”

The Brownie Troop at Red Bay Primary School gives the Gardening Club a little competition. The group with approximately 40 members is chaired by Mrs. Dawn Largie.

The Brownie garden was created to teach the girls how to grow their own produce and to promote healthy eating. Mrs Largie said, “The garden is a great way for students to learn responsibility and to demonstrate care and nurturing.”

The plant boxes for the Brownie Garden were donated by Webster’s Tours. Mr. Kenneth Webster from the company said, “We are delighted to be a part of the Brownie Club’s garden at the school. We came out to assist and were inspired to create our own backyard garden! It is truly amazing the produce they grew.”

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