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Foreign diplomats given tour of Uyghurs’ “happy life”

By Ellie Finkelstein, From Freedom United

August 20, 2023 News Digest
Forced Labor
Foreign diplomats given tour of Uyghurs’ “content and happy life” 
Beijing-based ambassadors and diplomats from 25 developing countries visited the Uyghur region recently on invitation from the Chinese government. The visit was the latest effort to prop up their official narrative that Uyghurs, Turkic and Muslim peoples are thriving and, contrary to accusations of genocide and forced labor by human rights organizations, exemplify economic and social progress.  Read more…
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Supply Chain
U.S. government faces new lawsuit on child slavery cocoa
A nonprofit has filed a federal lawsuit to force the U.S. government to block imports of cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. International Rights Advocates say that they were left with no alternative but to file this lawsuit due to the lack of a response to their petition submitted over over three years ago. Read more…
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Forced Labor
Migrant labor trafficking operation behind a laundry service 
A judge recently found the owners and managers of a Virginia based laundry business guilty of illegally smuggling 100 migrants over from El Salvador. Using threats of violence and deportation, the migrants were then forced into modern slavery, compelled by the owners and managers to work long hours, live in inhumane conditions and suffer abuse from their managers.   Read more…
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Prison Labor
Russian revenue from forced prison labor
doubles in value
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To my old master: A former slave writes to his old owner and tells him to get stuffed
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