October 25, 2020

Fight disinformation to protect lives and democracy


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Disinformation during the pandemic is one more example of how fake news is sowing confusion in Europe and beyond.

The EPP Group says a new European Commission report on disinformation will need more people and resources to battle the bots on an EU level.

Self-regulation among the social networks has proven inadequate; a stronger EU role is needed, including binding rules.

Foreign policy should target Russian and Chinese efforts to subvert the EU with fake news.

To view video go to: https://www.thenewsmarket.com/news/fight-disinformation-to-protect-lives-and-democracy/s/c7ef7cd4-b49c-4ee7-80e7-e9c2fbad40db?CP=1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EPP%20TV%20-%20Fight%20disinformation%20to%20protect%20lives%20and%20democracy&utm_content=EPP%20TV%20-%20Fight%20disinformation%20to%20protect%20lives%20and%20democracy+CID_5b3f2726ab9fd172c799a9aced987ccc&utm_source=TNM%20email%20alerts

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