October 1, 2020

What new norms are here to stay even after the pandemic?


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t is no lie to say that this global pandemic has pushed all of us into an alternate reality and one that we would never have considered before the start of 2020. Never before have we seen all schools closed, exams cancelled, all social and leisure locations also closed and the need to queue to get into the local supermarket. More people than ever before have been prevented from working and children are being home-schooled for months.

But beyond that, there are other changes that have taken place that can and should continue long after the pandemic is over. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Focus on health and well-being

The threat of an illness places huge emphasis on our health overall and this is unlikely to fade in the aftermath. We are listening to our bodies and noticing changes in them, trying to take better care of ourselves and generally prioritising health over things such as material possessions. This is because we’ve had a wake-up call that without our health, we won’t be able to enjoy anything at all! We’re turning focusses onto our health and even stocking up our medical supplies so that we don’t need to bother already busy doctors and hospitals. If you want to replenish your supplies or speak to a medical professional who isn’t on the emergency front line, visit Click Pharmacy and they will be happy to help.

Social distancing

Of course, staying two metres apart from everyone including our loved ones is not something that will continue indefinitely but it is likely to be the case that we reduce our contact with people. Handshakes to say hello in the work place are likely to disappear whilst watching our distance from strangers when out and about is likely to continue, for example.

Respect for support workers

We perhaps never appreciated the support workers of the country quite as much as we do now and this will continue. We have realised how important they are to all of us at long last.

Good hygiene

Basic acts such as washing hands, sanitising them and even coughing into our elbows can prevent the spread of a virus and might actually save lives so these will be practices adopted for life. It’s unlikely anyone will return to the previous lackadaisical attitudes we had before when we know how serious it can be.

Flexible working

Companies and workers have been forced to realise that working from home need not be something to fear. In fact, productivity can be hugely increased, work-life balance is improved for so many and offices will be able to reduce their office expenses with fewer staff in situ at any one time. It seems the mindset of ‘office-based’ jobs has changed forever.

Online shopping

Yes, this was popular before the pandemic but was not so widely adopted or even offered as it was. Some companies have had to offer it or risk going out of business, some people have had to try or risk going without. And others have started to purchase even more online than ever before.

Whilst the pandemic has devastated so much, if we look at the positives, then hopefully life can be a little better for all of us in the long run.

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