April 13, 2021

Features of the new Airtel Xstream 

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The dimensions of entertainment are ever expanding with the latest developments in technology. Entertainment service providers are increasingly looking forward to providing services that go beyond the expectation of their customers. One of these prime services launched recently is the Airtel Xstream service. This is a transformed version of the old Airtel TV service which expands the dimensions of entertainment for the users, beyond ordinary. Moreover, the service application can also be accessed on FireTV using the appropriate methods to install Airtel Xstream on FirestickHere are some of the prominent features of the service.

Watching Live TV

Starting with the basics, of course, you can watch all your favorite channels live on the service. The package consists of more than ten thousand channels based upon live TV mode. These channels can be assessed by the viewers on an anytime-anywhere basis, as a subscriber. The only need for smooth running will be a good internet connection and speed.

Watching movies

Besides the traditional TV watching, the X stream service also offers the viewers to watch a plethora of movies from different genres and countries. These movies can be based on OTT and general platforms. Also, the web content and web series can be watched over from several countries.

Streaming From Mobile

As the smartphone is the base of modern-day technology, the service provides its users to access their favorite content on the Fire TV or Xstream TV using their mobile phones. The technology takes care of the resolution and aspect ratios for the content. It also supports more than five thousand mobile and android streaming and supporting applications to enhance the overall entertainment experience.

Greater accessibility

The service extends greater accessibility and control over the content and entertainment by providing smartphone control. This means that the user can enjoy controlling the content with their smartphones. It also means that commands can be given over greater ranges of distance and also in a way smarter than the remotes.

Voice search 

Another feature offered by the service is the voice search option. If you are not using your smartphone as a remote, this feature will save you from the excessive selecting and typing efforts on the screen. The user just needs to press the mic button and say the command for the interface.

Picture Quality and Internet

After you install the airtel X stream on firestick, you get a quality visual entertainment experience as a user. This is because all the content streamed by the service is in 4K display quality. Also, it allows streaming and watching YouTube videos in the excellent 4K video quality. Thus, the user can enjoy great details over the display.

Dolby sound and Bluetooth                                                                               

Not only the service enhances the visual experience but it also focuses on the sound aspect. X Stream service provides Dolby surround and sound to enhance and provide an overall immersive experience into the content. Moreover, the user can connect Bluetooth speakers and earphones to maintain privacy and take the entertainment to a level further.

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