April 17, 2021

Top 4 myths of private jet travel debunked!

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Are you thinking of going for a private jet for the first time but some beliefs about it are stopping you from moving ahead? Well, this means whatever you know about these jet charters is only through words spoken by someone. So, can you trust these words? Well, not always! Following are the top four myths you may have about these charters. 

It is only for the tycoons or super-rich people!

Well, this is not the truth! If you have a strong opinion that you need lots of money to pay the private jet rentalcost, it is time to re-consider it. Yes, it is true that most of the famous tycoons, celebrities, and other famous personalities travel through a private jet. 

However, the same medium can be astonishingly affordable, particularly if you divide the cost among the group members and utilize each seat on the aircraft. This is not applicable if you wish to hire a premium one, as it will push you a bit back. However, the bottom line is that you can find affordable options such as light jets for some hours at a realistically payable price. 

Private jets are unsafe!

While most people trust the well-known commercial airlines, it is not that easy to trust a private one for the first time. Thus, when it comes to hiring a private plane and there is no idea of companies offering it, it can be a bit suspicious matter. Will it be safe?

Well, many people believe that a private jet is safer than a commercial plane. The secret is to find a reliable broker who will ensure that the jet and crew have passed stringent safety checks to ensure your travel safety. A concerned broker will also ensure that you are insured.

Private jets are slow!

As a novice, you may think that hiring a small jet means slow speed and longer journey time than usual. While it seems logical, it is not true. You will board much faster, skip long queues, and land nearer to the time than with a commercial plane. 

Further, the pilot can coordinate with you to make a plan to reach the destination in the fastest way possible. Moreover, with thousands of more private American airports than the commercial ones, the number of airports for landing has significantly risen. You are likely to land nearer to your intended destination. 

Private jets have lengthy security checks!

In case of commercial flights, its long queues and time-consuming security checks for every flight are its biggest limitations. So, if these two are also applicable to private jet travel, then why go for it?

Well, this is a myth. This is because you will have no queues or metal detectors to face. Only the passport is to be shown, which takes just a few minutes. further, you fly through a private jet via an FBO or Fixed-Base Operator that is close to the chief airport but reached using a dedicated entrance. 


So, are these myths busted? At least, you will now prepare for taking a private jet!

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