November 25, 2020

Farmers get ID cards

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DoA 5 Mar 13 Farmers IdwebMinistry of Finance – District Administration, Works, Lands, and Agriculture is preparing to launch a Farmers ID card to both commercial and non-commercial (backyard) farmers in the Cayman Islands.

The cards will be issued and will be implemented through the assistance of The Department of Agriculture (DoA) Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. The first step in the process is for all interested and qualified farmers to collect forms at the DoA.

There is a processing fee of $25 annually for non-commercial (backyard) farmers and $50 for commercial farmers.

The main criterion for a commercial farmer is any individual or registered company that is actively involved in commercial/agribusiness enterprises with a reasonable expectation of profit in the areas of production in livestock, crops, horticulture and agri-processing. The farmers would also have to be open to compliance with regulations and laws that is applicable to agriculture.

A non-commercial (backyard) farmer is defined as someone who farms as a hobby or for their own use, or someone who is able to supplement household income through the sale of surplus production.

“The Farmers ID card will enable the Ministry to provide better service to our farmers,” said Premier and Minister responsible for DoA Hon Juliana O’Connor-Connolly.

“The ID card is specifically designed to offer benefits to farmers. By getting a card, farmers will have access to valuable information and resources to improve their business. Plus, it’s an easy and convenient way for farmers to prove their farming status for a number of purposes,” she added.

ID holders will get special access to discount prices on agriculture supplies and inputs sold by the Department of Agriculture, as well as access to technical advisory service and training that is also open to the general public. Finance-DAWLA staff members are networking with Immigration, Customs, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service regarding relevant policies and laws pertain to farmers. The card will also allow livestock farmer’s access to their cattle, goats, pigs etc during a period of curfew. Both categories will allow for special discount prices on agriculture supplies and inputs sold by DoA. Commercial farmers will also have access to subsidised service provided by DoA, such as land clearing, fencing and pasture development.

Justin Woods, new president of the Cayman Islands Agriculture Society said he was pleased to see the implementation of the Farmers ID card.

“There are many benefits to us farmers getting this card, including duty concessions and the proof we need to tend to our livestock and land during a period of curfew. People have no idea how important that was during Hurricane Ivan,” he stated.

Paul Bodden, recipient of the Minister’s Award for Most Outstanding Farmer of the Year 2012, said he was very pleased that farmers’ identification was being addressed, because it would help to alleviate some bureaucracy.

“I anticipate that the card will be a great help, especially when importing material. It will also promote cooperation between the Department of Agriculture and farmers, and may in some cases, help us to avoid any misunderstanding about avoiding custom duty because we are bona fide farmers.”

For more information please contact Mrs. Gina Bodden or Mrs. Marjane Ebanks-Fellows on Grand Cayman 947-3090. Cayman Brac DoA Claudette McKenzie at 948-0522.


Premier and Minister responsible for Agriculture Hon Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Jonathon Jackson talk to 2013 Farmer of the Year Kent Rankin during a recent farm tour.


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