October 28, 2020

Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation to launch October campaign


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The Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation will launch its third annual awareness campaign on Sunday 16th October.

The Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation will launch its third annual awareness campaign on Sunday, 16 October in a public ceremony at the Harquail Theatre from 5:00-6:30pm with special dramatic performance from Jamaica’s Women’s Media Watch.

This year, the Foundation is focusing on the issue of sexual harassment with the theme: “I am not the one who should be ashamed.”

Through this yearlong campaign, the Foundation hopes to raise awareness and give victims the confidence to speak out.

The campaign also aims to educate the public as to what exactly constitutes sexual harassment and urge those who are suffering to no longer feel ashamed.

“We are aware that sexual harassment is a prevalent issue in the Cayman Islands,” said Mr. Rayle Roberts, Chairperson of the Foundation, “and we are hoping to get the public talking about it so that victims learn that their suffering should not go unreported.

“The theme this year is ‘I’m not the one who should be ashamed’ and urges the public to support each other and take action. Sexual harassment, in any form, should not be accepted in our community,” he said.

Mr. Roberts appealed to anyone who observed sexual harassment to be courageous enough to offer to be a witness and offer encouragement to victims to seek help.

The campaign also urges the public to support legislation that seeks to prevent sexual harassment and speak to their employer about implementing a policy against sexual harassment in the workplace.

In response to the positive feedback they received last year, the Foundation invited Women’s Media Watch to be in attendance again to launch this year’s programme.

Their mission is to reduce gender-based violence in the media and in society as they work towards a more peaceful and caring society that provides equal opportunities to all.

With Pastor Felix Manzanares and Dara Flowers-Burke serving as the emcees, the evening’s programme will also consist of a poetry reading by Nasaria Suckoo-Cholette and a performance by the UCCI’s Choir.

This year’s campaign will involve television and radio appearances and various community-outreach initiatives to raise awareness about sexual harassment.

The public-awareness effort will also feature decals, magnets, posters, brochures and T- shirts to help to help spread the word.

For further information about the ESRF please contact: [email protected] or 938-6300

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