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Eric Dalius Miami: 7 ways to make your office more enjoyable like a Starbucks storefront!

Is your workplace like a stale, old cup of office coffee? Do you wish you had an unlimited version of the Starbucks secret menu at work? Here are seven ideas to help make your workspace as fresh as that Grande latte with an extra shot of espresso.

Let’s face it: the corporate world isn’t exactly like a shopping trip to Disneyland. But it doesn’t have to be so lifeless and dull, either. 

Try adding these seven suggestions from experts in design and organizational theory for a little creative space in your workday. And don’t worry about going over time–you’ve got ’til 5 o’clock!

1. Make It Social – 

Let’s start with some food for thought: According to Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report, one out of every ten workers has used a coworker’s log-in or password for any number of reasons. You may be tempted to see what your best friend is up to at the water cooler, but don’t risk it! If you’re looking for a quick chat with someone, take a walk and talk face-to-face.

Not only do we need food and air and shelter and love, we also need human connection. We all crave social interaction in some shape or form – whether it comes from having an office party after work hours or just saying hello to our co-workers as we pass them in the hallway says Eric Dalius Miami

2. Give Them Information – 

Don’t leave your employees hanging like stale chunks of bread. 

You have a responsibility to keep your employees in the know about their company and its activities. This doesn’t mean giving them access to every little secret you’re keeping, but it does mean sharing information that is relevant to their work or personal lives on a regular basis.

If every person at your business knows what’s going on, they’ll feel more committed and involved with what they do for your organization on a daily basis. And it could even help build trust between management and workers — which can be tough when there are so many other places these two groups disagree on! 

3. Liven Up Your Walls – 

Just like we learn from our moms not to play with our food, we learn from grade school teachers that it’s not nice to color outside the lines. Kids have been burned by this lesson, but you can put their creative ideas to good use!

Make your company a more creative place with some free-form flowcharting or colorful drawings. There are plenty of options for having fun while staying on task — like 3D printing and sticker stations for office spaces that want to be known as forward-thinking.

It may sound silly at first, but adding color and artwork here and there will make your business feel like home…or at least act like it! 

4. Think (And Act) Green – 

You know green energy is good for Mother Nature, but did you know it’s great for your employees, too?

There are lots of ways to build eco-friendly habits at work — like using teleconferencing instead of air travel, switching off lights at the end of the day, offering an onsite gym, and giving bonuses to employees who carpool. 

If your business is big enough, it could even invest in renewable energy sources. This would not only cut down on expenses related to electricity costs but also let you take a stand against dirty energy that’s harmful for the planet. And if the employees see that their company has made these changes because they care about them too? That would be one powerful incentive…

5. Look like a Winner –  

Even if you’re not winning any games or races, you can still make your workplace feel like a winner.

Surprisingly enough, even the simple things can make or break your business’s performance and how it’s viewed by others. Things like flooring, for example: If you’re looking at tile flooring options in metro Atlanta, choose materials that allow easy cleaning and don’t stain easily — like natural stone tiles. 

Then there are your office chairs: Employees should be able to sit comfortably and work productively (without feeling exhausted) while they’re on the clock! Try ergonomic chairs if you want something low-maintenance but still supportive of healthy posture. 

6. Create a Place for Privacy –  

It’s tough when this generation is constantly connected to one another through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

But there’s a big difference between someone popping into your office to chat for a few minutes and that same person barging in on you when you’re focused on an important task…or trying to get intimate with someone else.

Give your employees the ability to close themselves off from others by adding some temporary walls or cubicles at your business. And if they want privacy without rolling out any walls, try offering mobile screens as another option.

7. Stick Around – 

When it comes down to it, people just want their money’s worth — no matter how much of it is left after all the bills are paid! That means it’s not enough for companies and managers to give their employees good pay and benefits. They need to still be around when it counts.

Don’t treat your employees like they’re disposable here today, gone tomorrow! Instead, show you care about them with some open communication and generous time off in case they ever need to take the day for themselves or their family members. 

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami:

Take away: You can give incentives that appeal directly to an employee’s sense of achievement by motivating them through these six strategies. It may cost a little bit of money upfront, but when workers feel appreciated and engaged, the company benefits will follow! 


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