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17 ways to grow your personal brand using Google+ by Eric Dalius Miami

And here I was thinking that Google+ was going to be a flop? Think again! The social network is rapidly growing and shows no sign of stopping. In fact, the site recently reached 10 million users, which is an impressive number considering it’s still invite-only. How will you use this ‘brand new’ network to increase your career opportunities? Here are some tips from Social Media Expert Jenna Anthony: 7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make 

Here are 17 Ways to Grow Your Personal Brand Using Google+:Eric Dalius Miami

1.) Link to your Google+ profile on your website and blog. 

2.) Add a “+1” button to your website or blog, so that you can share content with all of your profiles. 

3.) Be sure to add the “+1” button wherever you post: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! 

4.) Create and manage circles (lists). 

5.) Interact with others by commenting on their posts, sharing their content, and liking their pages/posts. 

6.) Invite people from other social networks to join Google+. You might be surprised who joins! If enough of their personal connections (Facebook friends for example) also use Google+, they’ll likely join too! 

7.) Be sure to check out your analytics by clicking on the “view as” link under the Google+ button in your toolbar. You can see how many people are sharing, commenting or viewing any particular post you made. 

8.) Use Hangouts to have conversations with up to 10 people at one time! 

9.) You can go live with Hangouts on Air to share a session with the world. 

10.) Participate in a “Hangout on Air” interview where you have a chance to build your personal brand and grow your career! 

11.) Start a community for sharing tips, advice, and best practices such as Google’s own Grow Your Career Community (currently over 3 million members strong!) 

12.) Keep an eye out for opportunities to grow your personal brand by applying for jobs or even creating one of your own! If you know what you want, Google+ makes it easy to apply for those positions directly from within the platform. When companies post jobs, they often include “+1” buttons that people can recommend them with. 

13.) Be sure to check out relevant hashtags by clicking on the “Explore” link under the Google+ menu in your toolbar. You can search for relevant topics, find out what people are saying, and then jump into the conversation! 

14.) If you’re a photographer, blogger or avid user of visual content you should definitely try using communities like Google’s own Photos community. This is an area where everyone shares images and photo stories with one another. There are currently over 21 million members! 

15.) Check out Hotpot, which will allow you to review restaurants, movies, books, and more allowing your personal brand to grow through endorsements. Plus it makes it easy for others to share their opinions as well.   

16.) Check out the latest in Google’s Hangouts on Air series, “Recording a Webinar,” to learn tips and tricks from webinar experts. If you haven’t heard, webinars are an excellent way to build connections and grow your personal brand! 

17.) Want to write guest posts for high-authority blogs? Find relevant opportunities by checking out related communities under the “Communities” link. Communities are very popular on Google+. In fact, there is one dedicated entirely to bloggers called Blogger House whose members have built fantastic careers online writing blog posts for major brands.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start adding people! By engaging with others on Google+ you will be sure to grow your personal brand and expand your network in no time!

Conclusion by Eric Dalius Miami

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