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EcoSmart reports remarkable progress of partner Caribbean Energy

By Salpriya Iyer From ConstructionCU

EcoSmart Surface & Coating Technologies, a manufacturer of smart surface coatings materials recently announced that Caribbean Energy Solutions, LLC, the company’s international licensee and distribution partner for HVAC industrial coatings vertical, has achieved several milestones that are meaningful for its business development. The achievements are expected to significantly contribute to EcoSmart’s 2019 results of operations and revenue.

According to a report presented by EcoSmart, the San Juan, Puerto Rico based Caribbean Energy over the past six months established an office presence in Mexico for managing administrative and logistical operations; conducted sales training seminars focused on the benefits of EcoSmart HVAC coatings; established a mobile coating service to fulfil coatings applications demands at industrial manufacturing facilities in Mexico; established business relationships with Carrier InterAmerica, Daikin, Trane, Panasonic and Hisense for distribution of EcoSmart HVAC products and for managing coatings services on their HVAC units.

Caribbean Energy will also be conducting a sales training seminar for Carrier InterAmerica sales staff on March 5, 2019. Carrier InterAmerica reportedly has a distribution network spanning 35 countries. It has been planned that over the next 90 days Caribbean Energy, with its mobile coating applications fleet, will be opening a coating facility of its own to serve the customers located in Monterrey and Cancun in Mexico.

Steven Malone, CEO, EcoSmart has been reported to comment on the recent developments and said that the company has received renewed vigor through the progress of its Caribbean Energy partners. Apparently, EcoSmart already had high hopes for the performance of this group and the recent developments have helped the group far exceed those expectations.

Malone added that EcoSmart’s relationship with Caribbean Energy is developing and over time is expected to become quite a significant one. He said that the group is remarkably aggressive and wide-eyed but careful and focused at the same time and that EcoSmart is proud to be distributing through such an exceedingly competent organization.

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