September 22, 2020

Devon Wright found guilty of handling stolen goods but not guilty of burglary


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Justice Charles Quin

At the commencement of this trial on the 24th April 2012 there were three Defendants on the Indictment but after a a Nolle Prosequi by the Crown and a no-case submission upheld only the case against Devon Wright continued.

Wright was convicted after a judge alone trial on 1st May, of handling stolen goods but not guilty of two counts of burglary. The stolen goods were two laptops to the estimated value of $1,890.

Despite being only 20, Wright had many convictions and had committed his latest crime whilst out on bail awaiting trial for another crime!

Justice Charles Quin said, because of Wright’s previous convictions and persistent claims of innocent, he had taken the course of handing down a prison sentence of three years. The guidelines calls for a period of imprisonment for the offence of between one year and four years.

The Grand Court judge ordered that Wright should serve one year concurrently with his existing sentence for burglary but two of the three years would be consecutive with his current four year sentence meaning that two years will added to his prison time.

Defence counsel, John Furniss, highlighted  that the Defendant did not seem to want to have a break from his criminality.  He also pointed out that if Wright did not take a break from  his criminality,  he was liable  to spend  most of his life  in HMPS Northward prison. He also highlighted that Wright had been smoking ganga since he was 12 years old which he had described as “a family problem”. Wright was smoking between 12 – 15 “spiffs” a day.

The judge congratulated Jhanelle Ennis from the Dept. of Community Rehabilitation for her in-depth report. She said Wright was bright and full of potential but was at a 100 per cent risk of re-offending.

Justice Quinn said, “What is particularly disturbing is that despite attempts to contact the defendant’s parents they could not be reached to verify or supplement any information. It has been said before, but it still bears repeating it is the apathy and total lack of concern for the welfare of their children that is one of the major reasons for the high level of serious crime committed by young persons over the last two or three years.”



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