September 25, 2020

Day of the Woman Entrepreneur: A movement in the making


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By Alicia Robb, senior fellow, Kauffman Foundation

Last month, I attended WeXchange in , which is the first forum focused on connecting and empowering female entrepreneurs with high-growth businesses. Hosted by the of the Inter-American Development Bank and NXTP Labs, an investment fund with an accelerator program in Argentina, the first day’s agenda was packed with panels, mentoring, a pitch competition, and networking. The second day was the unveiling of a Manifesto, an initiative of NXTP Labs and supported by the /FOMIN, which declared December 12 as the Day of the Woman Entrepreneur of Latin America and the .

I was already impressed by the first day of talented pitches by women from six different Latin American countries in the final competition. But, I was even more impressed on day 2. Women were present from more than a dozen countries from throughout Latin America, who are leading the global movement for women entrepreneurs everywhere.

I’m including the following manifesto in this blog in its entirety. It serves as an amazing model of a pledge that should be adopted globally, not just for Latin America.


  • Women entrepreneurs propose equality and diversity in business leadership.
  • For women entrepreneurs, family is an engine and inspiration, not an impediment.
  • Women entrepreneurs dream of a better world and work to build it.
  • Women’s value needs to be reconsidered in business and society in general.
  • Latin America and the Caribbean need special attention and solutions to lower the barriers for female entrepreneurs.
  • Women entrepreneurs seek equal opportunities to undertake entrepreneurial ventures, and, if necessary, to fail and try again.



Today, December 12, 2014, in the city of Miami, a day on which we female entrepreneurs were called upon to represent all women entrepreneurs of the region, we establish as the Day of the Woman Entrepreneur of Latin America and the Caribbean.

From this day on, by signing the following 12 points in our Manifesto, we set the foundation for working together towards the future:

  1. Women entrepreneurs in Latin America must always seek to grow along with their businesses, and add value and jobs through their organizations.
  2. Women entrepreneurs should transform into agents of change who advocate for gender equality in opportunity, so that other women can undertake enterprises and lead their own organizations.
  3. Women entrepreneurs should actively avoid silent acceptance and tolerance of the social roles that have systematically constrained female leadership roles in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  4. Women entrepreneurs should take responsibility for making their work visible in their communities, so that other women mobilize their own resources and gain courage to start enterprises of their own.
  5. Women entrepreneurs should question whether there is a “gender bias” for deciding who does the business pitch to obtain investment capital.
  6. The venture capital industry should re-examine its general preference for investing in companies with male CEOs.
  7. The venture capital industry should do more to promote and recruit female investors as partners in their investment funds.
  8. The venture capital industry should pay more attention to early-stage companies that have women in their founding teams.
  9. Women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean will boost jobs in their communities in an inclusive and respectful environment that seeks to open communication and generate opportunities for men and women alike.
  10. Women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean should commit to making entrepreneurship a valid alternative in life, and not just a title limited to unemployment and low wages.
  11. Women entrepreneurs will commit to adding the entrepreneurial agenda to the agendas of their cities, countries, and regions.
  12. Entrepreneurs of the region who subscribe to this manifesto commit to marking the 12th of December as a day for creating a space for communication, collaboration, and learning dedicated to the overcoming the challenges and barriers facing women entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

See what I mean? This Manifesto holds true globally, not just in Latin America. I sense a movement building. Will you join us?

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