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Culture of the Cayman Islands – what to expect as a newcomer

Lifestyles are diverse all around the world. Different destinations offer different attractions. Choosing the best place to live in is, therefore, a matter of somebody’s preferences. A peaceful, cozy, family town, or the urban and never-ending speed of cities. The decision is all yours. However, if you are planning to move somewhere in the Caribbean, and you are still not sure where exactly it can be, check this out. We present to you the perfect solution – the Cayman Islands. A dynamic place, full of interesting content. One of the Carribean territories geographically close to the United States, and culturally influenced by many different cultures, but still a place for itself. Here is a quick guide on the culture of the Cayman Islands and what to expect as a newcomer.

The territory of three islands

The Cayman Islands are a territory situated in the Caribbean Sea. The territory encompasses three separate islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. It is a British Overseas Territory. As it is said, the Cayman Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus, an Italian navigator. Initially, they called it  ‘Las Tortugas’ , after a Spanish word for turtles and because of a huge number of turtles that were found there. Later in history, its name changed to Cayman, a Carib word for a kind of crocodile that was all present on this territory. Today it is a place of well-developed tourism, economic growth, and outstanding fashion.

Here is a list of the most important aspects that would help you understand the culture of this area:

  • language
  • religion
  • tradition and social conventions
  • food
A huge number of turtles inhabited the Cayman Islands.

Language- an aspect of the culture of the Cayman Islands that a newcomer should know about

As popularly so-called lingua franca, the English language is the official language in this area as well. The British influence is inevitable in this language aspect, although you may notice a slight mixture of Scottish and Welsh accents present in this distinctive Caymanian dialect. However, that is not all. The all-present and strong Jamaican influence gave its final touch to this already interesting dialect. Jamaican settlers have been bringing many slang words to the Caymanian dialect throughout history. Many of these happen to be still in use nowadays. And finally, let’s not forget the Spanish language, which is also broadly used by the people in this island area.

Religion- the importance of beliefs

Religion is one of the distinctive features of every country. So, if you are to get to know and understand the culture of people living in a place, you should try to understand their beliefs. Therefore, if we talk about the culture of the Cayman Islands, and what a newcomer should know about it, we should mention the importance of their religion. The striking characteristic is the predominance of Christianity. In the course of this fact, we cannot help but mention the obvious presence of the American and British influence in this cultural aspect as well. As highly religious, people on the Cayman Islands have built many churches. For them, every Sunday is considered to be a churchgoing day.

What’s interesting is that visitors are wellaccepted in their churches. So, if you are planning to move to the Cayman Islands, you will feel welcomed and content. Furthermore, if you choose a good and reliable moving company like, your settling down in a new country will be comfortable and stressless.

Tradition and social conventions in everyday life

The lifestyle of people on the Cayman Islands is an interesting combination of modern and traditional elements. Although many social conventions and beliefs are merely local, one can notice a strong influence of both American and British cultures in this field too. So, if you are coming from a country of warm-hearted people, don’t be surprised if people in the Cayman Islands greet you only with a handshake. You should bear in mind that for them, hugging and kissing are reserved only for the family members and close friends. And, when it comes to their personal lifestyles and habits, they differ greatly. You could easily find both broad-minded merchants, who have seen metropolises all around the world, and some reserved people who have never left their own village.

Remarkable fashion develops in the Cayman Islands every year. And although most of the fashion styles would be well-accepted, there is usually a dress code that everyone should respect. For example, moving around scarcely dressed or without a shirt would be highly unacceptable.

The dress code of the Cayman Islands is an important fact that newcomers should know before they arrive there

Get to know the food

The most popular food in the Cayman Islands is seafood. Since they are famous for their turtles, you may guess that many of the house specialties are exactly turtle dishes. The influence upon this cultural aspect comes mainly from the other Caribbean countries, and especially Jamaica. Some of the popular ingredients while cooking are coconuts, limes, and honey. When it comes to spices, curry is the one people in the Cayman Islands use pretty often. Their traditional dishes are considered to be of high quality in the gastronomy world. So if you have decided to for example transport your belongings safely from Jeddah, or from any other country, be prepared to try the best tastes of the Caribbean.

The seafood prepared in the Cayman Islands in delicious.

A perfect mixture of several different cultures with a slightly added final touch of uniqueness. A place where tradition and contemporary lifestyle coexist in a beautiful combination of energies. Make your decision and meet the hidden secrets of the Cayman Islands. And if you want to be well prepared and informed, check out our tips. See what to expect as a newcomer when it comes to the culture of the Cayman Islands, and give it a try. Bon voyage!



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