December 5, 2020

Cuban Mother & Child Still Sought

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218437A Cuban mother and her teenage son are still being sought by the Department of Immigration.  The two, Nelvis Madeleinis Rodriguez and Adriano Aldana Rodriguez, did not turn in by 10pm Saturday night, in keeping with their curfew conditions.

The mother is 33 years old, five feet one inch in height, and weighs 120 pounds. Her son is 15 years old, five feet five inches tall, and weighs 100 pounds.

They were being housed at a private George Town residence pending completion of their evaluation and processing. The householder contacted immigration authorities when they did not return by their curfew deadline.

Missing person - MOMwebThe two were granted temporary admission to the Cayman Islands on February 7, 2013. They were aboard a vessel carrying 21 Cuban migrants – six of whom disembarked on Little Cayman. The four other members of that group are still being held at the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town (making a total of 25 Cubans now held at the centre).

Special housing arrangements were decided by immigration authorities for the benefit of the minor and his parent, as all other detainees at the immigration facility are adults.

Missing person - SONwebLocal law-enforcement agencies have been on alert for the missing Cubans, and anyone with information on the whereabouts of the mother and child should contact 526 0480, 526 0433, 526 7937, 949 8344 or any immigration or police officer.

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