August 5, 2021

Errington A. Webster to run for Bodden Town

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Campaign Objectives

As your representative for the electoral district of Bodden Town and a Leader in our Cayman Islands, I will strive to achieve the following: –

Introduce a motion to promote greater emphasis for elementary and secondary school education.

ManifestoKeep in touch with all the residents within my constituency to better represent their affairs in parliament.

Identify ways to remove obstacles that prevent the employment for ALL Caymanians.

To influence effective spending of public funds and ensure that key needs are identified and addressed.

Work together with all members of the Legislative Assembly to formulate solutions to enhance the Cayman Islands economy.

Preserve properties for young Caymanians by limiting the amount of land a person or company can own.

Assist in forming community teams to promote the Go East initiative, enhance community spirit, crime prevention and safety.

Motivate the drive for a National Development plan, and to be consistence with the implementation of the plan.

Promote greater unity amongst members of parliament.

Work to enhance current strategies that will enable potential entrepreneurs to become small business owners and to assist existing entrepreneurs.

Influence the implementation of the National Conservation Law.

Pledge good character, conduct and be a positive role model for ALL.

Personal Biography

Errington Albert Webster is the son of Veta (Bush) Webster and the late Nical Alberto Webster.

Mr. Webster has been married for twenty-nine (29) years to Millicent M. Webster. Together they have two (2) children – Eric K. Webster and Melesia A. (Webster) Adderley.

Mr. Webster is a former employee of the Cayman Islands Fire Service. He retired as the agency’s Communications Officer, Stress Peer Counselor and APCO Institute Communications Instructor after serving for thirty-one (31) years.

Religion: Christian


Florida State Fire College Graduate

Association of Public-Safety Communications Official (APCO) Communications Instructor

Certified International Olympic Committee Athletic Coach

Former Bodden Town Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President, Athletic Manager and Coach

Bodden Town’s first Community District Action Committee (CODAC) President

Former Bodden Town Scout Leader

Community Involvement

Current Leader of the Belford Estates Community Emergency Response Team (BECERT)

Domestic Violence Peer Counselor

Contact Info

Home: (345) 947-3511

Cell: (345) 916-7642

Email: [email protected]


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