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“Crazy Coconut Christmas Chronicles”

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In the “Crazy Coconut Christmas Chronicles,” the heroes of the story encounter bullying pirates, explore the legend of a witchdoctor and learn how a clumsy elf named Bungle accidentally created this magical place. The story inspires families to come together and tell creative Christmas stories of their own all year long.

The book jacket reads: “Deep beneath the bright blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, there is a wonderful place where every day is filled with Christmas magic. People of all ages, times and places live there surrounded by gifts and toys in a tropical paradise at the bottom of the ocean. But how did they get there? And how did this magical place come to be? The answer is as amazing as the place itself.”

Co-Author Tony Tapia explains, “My little one Andrew and I used to tell each other funny Christmas stories every year as he grew up. One year, Andrew let his imagination run wild with a zany story about a Christmas island at the bottom of the ocean. The story was so fun, that it became a cherished family tradition. Now I’m thrilled to share this story with the rest of the world – and inspire families of all types to share stories and make memories together.”

Author Scott Vedder says, “It’s a pleasure to bring this book to life with Tony because it’s a fun Christmas story that also teaches readers valuable lessons. Our heroes learn teamwork and learn to speak up against a mean pirate bully. It’s a timeless Christmas story that our families need today.”

The story book is available in the Amazon store at The fun continues in the “Crazy Coconut Christmas Chronicles: Coloring Companion,” an adventure activity book filled with coloring and activity sheets, also available on Amazon. Fans can also enjoy an album of music inspired by the book. The album is titled “Crazy Coconut Christmas Chronicle Carol,” and is available on iTunes and other digital music retailers.

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