September 19, 2020

Conversation with contemporary artist Bendel Hydes


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On Tues May 29th May at the National gallery of the Cayman Islands on Esterley Tibbetts Highway (The Harquail Bypass) is presenting an artist’s talk with Bendel Hydes. Hydes was born in the Cayman Islands and attended Liverpool and Canterbury Colleges of the Art in England, and Clark University in Massachusetts. In 1982 Hydes settled in lower Manhattan where his life and work absorbed each other’s poetry and found an harmony that is reflected in the works currently exhibited. Hyde’s paintings from the collection of Alan and Karen Turner glow indeed with a smooth warmth, absorbing and reflecting light from their sinuous brush paths and quirky shapes.

“I use the language of transluscent and biomorphic abstraction to explore ways in which nature and culture interact,” says the artist. “I aim to address such issues as topographical changes, isolation, beauty, vulnerability…”

Bendel Hydes’ exhibitiuon “Circumnavigating the Globe” will end two days after the talk, on 31st May.

The talk starts at 6pm and is FREE!

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