November 29, 2020

Coe-Wood beach opening marks a promise fulfilled

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coe-wood opend 19 feb 13 (57)webThe opening of Coe-Wood Beach and boat ramp marked the fulfillment of a promise made as far back as the 1980s for such a facility in Bodden Town.

Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Cabinet Ministers Hon. Mark Scotland and Hon. Dwayne Seymour, who also represent the district, were among officials at the opening ceremony.

While the opening ceremony was delayed due to rain, scores of proud Bodden Towners were on hand to celebrate the special occasion.

“This is a promise you can now touch,” remarked the Premier. “I am pleased that despite these austere times, we are able to deliver this facility and I can say that it is worthwhile,” she added.

Mr. Neville McCoy, who was part of the opening ceremony and a driving force behind the construction of the boat ramp, congratulated the Bodden Town MLAs, Ministers Scotland and Seymour, on making the boat ramp a reality for the people of the district.

Also taking part in the opening ceremony were: Deputy Premier Hon. Rolston Anglin, Rohan Forrester (Bodden Town United Church), Jayden Hanna, who sang the National Song; Chief Officer of Finance – District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture Alan Jones and Mark Bothwell Acting General Manager of Recreation Parks Cemetery Unit.

Mr. Anglin explained that Coe-Wood Beach was able to open because of the commonsense approach and passion that Ministers Scotland and Seymour had. “People of Bodden Town, you are in good hands,” he told the gathering.

Minister Seymour, who was master of ceremonies, said: “We now have a boat ramp on the south side, place where the public can launch their Jet-skis and boats. For years, you either had to launch your boat at Frank Sound or South Sound. This is a great day for us in the district.”

Minister Scotland thanked the Premier and his other colleagues, as well as the Bodden Town people for their continued support. “We could not have done this without everyone’s help. Now that this project is complete, we may look at enhancing the swimming areas,” he noted.

Mr. Peterkin Berry, who is the designate for the Bodden Town Beach Management Committee, said: “Gone are the days of manually launching your boat on wooden rollers and then having to wait for help when you come back in. We are truly grateful,” he said adding his thanks to Ministers Scotland and Seymour.

“Bodden Town has set an example for the other districts to follow by providing the boat ramp, the vendors’ stalls and setting up the management committee. Each of the vendors will sell something different and in so doing, will eliminate on-site competition and enhance economic rewards,” Mr. Berry said.

George Vaughan, who said he was one of the first fishermen to use the boat ramp to launch his 18-foot boat said, “It was a good day. The boat ramp makes it easier for people on this side of the island to launch their boats. I am grateful.”

TAG:Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Deputy Premier Hon Rolson Anglin and Cabinet Ministers Hon. Mark Scotland and Hon. Dwayne Seymour along with a host of officials officially open the boat ramp at Coe-Wood Beach.


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