August 9, 2022

Coco Fest

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Cayman Islands Coco Fest at Pedro Castle!

[Go coco loco with Pedro Castle and the NCVO at the 3rd annual Coco Fest!]

[Savannah, Grand Cayman, – Pedro Castle is looking forward to another cocotastic celebration, as it hosts the third annual Coco Fest, on Saturday, February 17th from 12PM – 4PM! The organisers have teamed up with the NCVO and will be helping to raise funds for the Nadine Andreas Children’s Foster Home, as well as celebrating all things coconut!

Visitors can look forward to an array of locally cooked foods, candies, produce, crafts, games, beauty products, cocktails, and live music!

From small beginnings in 2016, the festival has grown to attract over 1,200 visitors, and has brought to light the tremendous benefits of the Cayman coconut!

Each of the vendors have become the heart and soul of this very special event, and we are so proud of what it has become.

We encourage everyone to come out and indulge in all the great things the coconut can offer, and enjoy the stunning grounds of Pedro St. James, our National Historic Site.

We are delighted that the NCVO will be the charity partner of Coco Fest this year!
$1 from every admission will go toward the Nadine Andreas Children’s Foster Home. A great cause, for a great event!

New this year will be the Coconut Cake Competition, hosted by BOBFM. This is a fun addition that allows our participants to get officially recognized as the coconut cake king or queen of Cayman!

Our vendors will be showcasing some of the best traditional, locally made coconut food on the island; ranging from coconut fish rundown, coconut chicken, fry fish, cake, ice cream, kombucha, tarts, marshmallows, yoghurt, coconut calamari and so much more!

If you like to dance, there will be lots of live entertainment including local bands, a DJ, and dance performances – all thanks to Cayman National Bank – supporting our local talent! We hope this encourages other sponsors to come forward and be part of this wonderful cultural event.

Kids can also look forward to a Coconut Craft Corner hosted by the Visual Arts Society, coconut games such as coconut shy, coconut bowling, coconut hoops, and coconut muskets; bouncy castles, facepainting, and a bungee trampoline!

The award-winning documentary Bright Spot will be showing in the Theatre from 1PM – 3PM, for anyone who missed out the past two years, and is a must-see for food lovers!
There will be free Grace coconut water for early visitors, and shaded areas provided by Pepsi!

What is Coco Fest?
Coco Fest was inspired by the documentary Bright Spot, (produced by nutritionist Tamer Soliman), and spearheaded by TAB’s Marketing Coordinator, Shayma Hamdi.

History of Coconut
The coconut has got to be the most versatile fruit used, with every part of the coconut and the tree is virtually useful. And back in the early 1900s in Cayman Islands, coconuts were plentiful especially on the sister islands of Cayman and Little Cayman, coconuts were very much part of the daily diets of many Caymanians and even today the coconut is making a comeback as many people are now making various products and oil to sell.

Grown in over 80 countries worldwide, the coconut palm excels in the tropics, notably, the Philippines and Indonesia closely followed by India and Brazil which combined, account for approximately 80% of the world’s coconut production. The coconut is of significant economic importance to these top producers, and has a myriad of uses in everyday living.

About: Coco Fest

Coco Fest celebrates the Cayman Coconut – a bountiful food source with legendary properties, and a traditional staple in the Caymanian diet. It remembers a time when the coconut industry was very important in Cayman and encourages the growth of this industry again. There will be activities for Children as well as some of the best coconut products on the island!

All profits from the event go toward maintaining the National Historic Site of the Cayman Islands – Pedro St. James – and is part of the overall effort of the Tourism Attraction Board to preserve, protect and promote Cayman culture and heritage through its national attractions.

Coco Fest will take place at Pedro Castle in Savannah on February 17th from 12PM to 4PM. Admission for adults is $5 CI and kids under 12 go free.
If anyone would like to participate in the event, please email [email protected] or call 936-0193, or 947-3329.

If anyone would like to offer classes in cooking, sports, arts or summer camps for the NCVO Children’s Foster Home, or would like to donate in any way, please email Mona Lisa Meade at [email protected] or call 526-1078.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ms. Debbie Bodden on 947-3329, or email Shayma at [email protected] or 936-0193.
Photos Attached
#6 – Healthy Alternatives display at Coco Fest 2017
#33 – Visual Arts Society display at Coco Fest 2017
#69 – Allen Hurlston, Pedro St. James
#93 – Children’s activities at Coco Fest
#98 – Visitors at Coco Fest 2017
#111 – Family enjoying the beautiful grounds of Pedro St. James at Coco Fest 2017
#135 – Candace Ransome-Grant, Tourism Attraction Board, helping out at Coco Fest 2017
#174 – Coconut Bird Houses by Wreck Art Gallery at Coco Fest 2017
#234 – Children’s Coconut Games by Kingsley, at Coco Fest 2017
#268 – Ms. Carmen Connolly doing coconut leaf thatch demonstrations at Coco Fest 2017
#294 – Visitors enjoying Coco Fest 2017
#340 – In love with the coconut at Coco Fest 2017
#440 – Enjoying Coco Fest 2017
#464 – Cayman Cancer Society booth, at Coco Fest 2017
#259 – Ms. Pauline McField, Fish Fry, at Coco Fest 2016
#tamarindtree – Relaxing under the Tamarind Tree with a Coconut Rum Cocktail, at Coco Fest 2017
#221 – fish frying in coconut oil

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