November 26, 2020


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Cayman Homecoming Book

December marked the Cayman’s Homecoming concert  at the Pageant Beach. This was the site of the old Pageant Beach Hotel that most of the kids of the 50’s and 60’s knew while growing up in the Cayman Islands..

This celebration has been taken on by  the airways, and all local and international media including the radio Talk shows like Cayman Cross Talk on rooster 101.Coincidentally, much of the old Cayman culture and Cayman’s rich heritage discussed By Talk Show Hosts, Mr. Gilbert McLean and Mr. Austin

Harris  immediately after the Homecoming event,  had  already been penned by the hand of one of Cayman’s thought provoking and real life experience writers, none other than Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza, D.Div   Author of ‘ONE AND ONE IS TWO”  released earlier this year and now a Christmas Gift edition is now available on Amazon and kindle. The author seems to have gotten a preview of what was to take place in the Cayman Islands at the Home Coming celebrations December 2011.The book is a chronicle of Cayman’s History between  1950 and 1977. Some events date back to l909.

Interestingly enough, the topics in Dr.Goring-Nozza’s new book include; The Wights and McTaggarts as the owners of Cayman’s First Supermarket who were  pioneers of  keeping Caymanian young people employed. Other topics included are Miss Kippy School in George Town, Ghosts and Rolling Calf, A Cayman Summer, 50’s Christmas in Cayman,  The Christmas Marching Band and Dan Hog as Choir Lader, BODDEN TOWN, NEW YEARS DAY GARDEN PARTY !!! !..and much much more.

It is interesting to read how Dr.Florence Goring-Nozza’s book ties right into the spirit of Homecoming, and the Sprit of our heritage and the Christmas Season.

This book is a must read. Those persons who have already read this book have reported that it is so very interesting that  they are “captivated  by this manuscript and cannot  put this book down until they have read every word and every line.”…It is in deed a  stunning, riveting and revealing  Caribbean Thriller and  This is a wonderful Christmas gift for  you and your loved ones.

This book entitled ‘ONE AND ONE IS TWO” is NOW available on Amazon and Kindle  at a special reduced price for the Christmas Season, at only US$19.99 plus shipping and will be delivered within 7-10 business days.. Order your book now for that person you love.

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