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CBD Oil For Dogs: Your Pup Has A New Pain Relief!

It is no secret that CBD oil has multiple medicinal benefits for humans. From easing anxiety to treating pains, cannabidiol has brought relief to one and all. Adding another feather to its crown, recent research has revealed that CBD products are beneficial for easing anxiety and joint pain, even in dogs. Since it lacks THC (the compound behind marijuana’s psychoactive properties), you can use it on your furry friends for sure! 

As you scroll down this post, you will learn more about the health issues in your pups that CBD oil can treat, if there are any risks involved, how to choose the correct product, and what its future is in veterinary medicine. Let us explore the specifics – 

How can CBD oil benefit your pet dog? 

Whenever you pick up any CBD products guide, you get to see how CBD oil benefits your dog. Let us give you a glimpse of how precisely your dog can benefit from using this oil – 

  1. Works as an inflammation relief for joint pain (arthritis) 

For the record, a Danish scientific study stated that – 36% of those who responded had seen a positive result on using CBD oil for dogs with arthritis/osteoporosis. This oil targets the available receptors in the endocannabinoid system. It reduces swelling and improves mobility. 

  1. It helps reduce your dog’s anxiety levels 

This oil, when administered to dogs in stressful conditions, has shown positive effects. CBD oil helps regulate mood, improves serotonin levels, and brings a calming effect in dogs. When administered in the correct dosage, this alleviates the anxiety caused and thereby helps ease the condition. 

  1. CBD oil helps manage seizure episodes 

Canine epilepsy is one of the biggest concerns for pet parents. However, now you have some respite! CBD oil can help manage your poodle’s seizure episode. Whether it is an internal situation like separation anxiety or external aspects like – thunderstorms or festive seasons (fireworks), monitored CBD oil dosage can ease your dog’s epileptic moments. 

  1. A range of other usages 

CBD oil can supposedly be used to treat canine atopic dermatitis, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease in your pups. Further research on the same is underway.  

These are some of the critical benefits of administering CBD oil to dogs. 

Does CBD oil have any side effects on dogs? 

CBD oils affect the enzymes that are secreted by the dog’s liver. Also, it may interfere if your pup is on any other medication. Here are some of the most commonly seen side effects that occur in dogs – 

  • Dry mouth – CBD oil has been shown to decrease saliva secretion. Hence, your dog might feel more thirsty than usual. 
  • Lethargy and drowsiness – These are the most common side effects found multiple times after administering CBD oil to dogs. There’s no need to worry much since it is due to an extended calming effect. 
  • Low blood pressure – This is a temporary issue that your dog might face. The dosage creates a sense of light-headedness, temporarily lowering the BP. 

Apart from these side effects, the chances of CBD toxicity are minimal in dogs. However, if your dog has consumed a considerable amount of CBD oil, they might face such a threat. No need to worry much. Connect with your vet immediately. 

What to note before buying CBD oil? 

Now that you have seen the benefits that CBD oil provides to your dogs, it is natural that you exercise caution regarding its quality. Here are some of the key factors to remember when you buy CBD oil – 

  • Always choose CBD oil in liquid form 

You may be aware that CBD oil is available in multiple forms. Hence, you may find CBD oil-infused dog treats for your little friend. However, when administering CBD oil to dogs, always opt for either tincture or liquid format. That is the purest of the available forms, easy to administer, and the recovery chances are higher. 

  • Choose organic to be safe 

Always choose organic CBD oil to be on the safe side. Though they might be a little pricey, they indeed maintain utmost purity. Hence, rest assured that you will make a safe choice for your little poodle. 

  • Check the CBD analysis of the product 

The last and crucial factor to note when you buy CBD oil is – checking the certificate that shows the ‘quantity’ of CBD used in that product. This analysis is essential to understand and monitor your dog’s CBD dosage. 

These are some of the key points to note before you buy any CBD oil from any brand. 

What is the future of CBD oil in veterinary medicine? 

At the time of writing this article, further research was pending regarding CBD oil’s usage in veterinary science. The latest updates received have categorically been related to dogs. However, there has been no conclusive or standardized notice in terms of dosage. 

Having said that, most vets recommend the usage of this oil to ease your dog’s anxiety and other pain-related issues. Always consult your vet before administering a dosage to your furry friend to avoid any untoward health issues. 

Parting thoughts 

The usage of CBD oil for dogs has come to the forefront recently. The fact that it benefits dogs, as much as humans, assuredly has brought immense relief to pet parents. Though further research on its dosage, and extent in veterinary science is yet under scrutiny, the reports received have been positive. 

As an aware pet parent, you must be clear about the reputation of the CBD oil, you are buying and monitor its dosage well. Rest assured, you will have no worries, with regard to your dog’s well-being in this respect. 


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