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Cayman’s Red Cross Disaster manager part of regional intervention team

Danielle ColemanCayman Islands Red Cross Disaster Manager, Danielle Coleman, has been certified as part of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies’ Regional Intervention Team (RIT) following intensive training in Jamaica. Coleman was selected to take up the one spot open to the Overseas Territories following an intensive competitive bid. The eight-day training included a combination of camping disaster simulation and classroom work, with accommodations reflecting the training style. Over 20 participants from all over the Americas were present. As a RIT, Coleman will now be part of the local and regional response supporting other Red Cross Societies in their post-disaster response.

373013_149743725123826_345605645_nThis will help to further compliment her training as a member of the British Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU), which make her a part of the global network of responders

“The training was intense, both on the practical and the theoretical side,” Coleman explained. “It’s important to ensure that you can, as much as possible, simulate that level of intensity because that is what happens in a real scenario. Part of the preparation is learning how to cope with the pressures and surroundings and the constant “lack of”- sleep, water, etc.”

The training covers a myriad of topics, ranging from water and sanitation, to psycho-social support, management of the deceased, communication and logistics, among others.

She will also be able to train local Red Cross volunteers as National Intervention Team (NIT) members, which is the highest level of training for a local responder within the Red Cross system.

“It’s great to be able to continue to offer support to our fellow Red Cross Societies around the region, which is something that the Cayman Islands Red Cross has done for years,” Coleman added. “Exposure to other Red Cross Societies, be it in times of peace or disasters, allows us to look more critically at what we are doing here at home and fine tune that which needs improvement. It always comes back to Cayman- the training, the knowledge and the experience- and as a community we are always better for it, even if in a small scale. That’s a great reason why we do it, because it makes us here better,” she said.

For more information or to join contact the Cayman Islands Red Cross on 949-6785 ext. 29 or [email protected].


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