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Cayman: Sol has donated $10,000 to the summer internship programme with UCCI

This month, Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd has pledged its support to the future workforce of the Cayman Islands, by committing $10,000 over two years to the University College of the Cayman Islands, to fund a work-based summer internship programme.

The partnership between UCCI and Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd was formalized at a presentation at Sol’s headquarters with a cheque handover between the President and CEO of the University College of the Cayman Islands, Dr. Robert W. Robertson, Rosalind Robinson, Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd General Manager and UCCI Student Life Representative Katrina Ebanks.

This financial support package will be spread over two years, $5,000 per year, to support the delivery of work-based learning programmes, that will advance the work-readiness of UCCI students. The $5,000 per annum will allow high performing student at UCCI to participate in a 6–8-week internship programme at Sol Petroleum in the areas of engineering and operations, finance, sales, marketing, and special projects. 

Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd will be fully involved in the recruitment process for all summer interns, including interviewing, development towards work-readiness and compensation. 

Dr. Robert W. Robertson, President, and CEO of UCCI, commented, “The partnership with Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd will be a huge benefit for the students that get the opportunity to take part in the summer internship programme. At UCCI, we provide students with the skills and education to achieve great things in their careers and the final piece of the puzzle is the workplace experience. Working with companies like Sol means that UCCI can truly prepare students for the workplace by ensuring that students are learning exactly what they need to learn to prepare them for the jobs market as it is in Cayman currently.

“Sol Petroleum have made a huge commitment to their future workforce and partnerships such as these are what make strong workforces of the future. We are thrilled to be working with Sol Petroleum and are deeply grateful for their support of our students.”

Rosalind Robinson, General Manager of Sol Petroleum Cayman Ltd, stated “At Sol Petroleum we are passionate about supporting the future workforce of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to recruiting local people to grow our operations in the Cayman Islands and the best way to recruit and retain talented staff is to be a part of their education and train from the ground up. 

“We are thrilled to be working with UCCI and are eager to start our summer internship and see the students blossom with us. We look forward to seeing students join our workforce and having a rewarding career because of the support we can give.”


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