October 3, 2023

Dangerous law would abandon trafficking victims

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From Miriam Karmail, Freedom United

April 30, 2023 News Digest

Law & policy

U.K.’s refugee ban bill proceeds amid criticism
The U.K.’s dangerous Refugee Ban Bill will proceed to the next parliamentary stage despite significant criticism, including from influential members of the ruling Conservative party. Modern slavery protections risk being ripped up under this proposed legislation, even for trafficking victims reaching the U.K. against their will. Read more…
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Human trafficking

Climate crisis increasing risk of trafficking for women and girls in Malawi
The devastating effects of droughts and floods have intensified over the past two decades in Malawi, causing significant damage to the environment, damaging livelihoods and increasing the risk of trafficking and forced marriage for women and girls. Read more…
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Child slavery

U.S. Senate bill proposes action against child labor violations
U.S. Senator Cory Booker introduced the Child Labor Exploitation and Accountability Act on Tuesday, which aims to deter child labor at meatpacking plants. This follows recent investigations that uncovered unaccompanied migrant children working in exploitative conditions across the U.S. and trafficking indicators being ignored. 
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Forced marriage Law & policy

U.K. forced marriage unit “not working well” New Zealand stalls anti-slavery bill
says new report
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