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Cayman: Rotary Central donates to Jubilee Tree Planting Programme

From left, Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency representatives Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn, Communications Specialist Hannah Reid, Senior Policy Advisor (Energy) Kristen Smith, Premier and Minister of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency the Hon. G. Wayne Panton, H.E. Governor Martyn Roper, Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency Acting Deputy Chief Officer Troy Jacob, and Rotary Central Cayman Islands representatives Patrick Schmid and Monica Ramgeet.

Funds will facilitate the purchase of native, endemic and fruit trees from local nurseries, farmers and growers 

Grand Cayman – The Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency is pleased to accept a generous donation of CI$20,000 from Rotary Central of the Cayman Islands in support of its Plant a Tree for the Jubilee initiative.

The majority of the donated funds will facilitate the purchase of native, endemic and fruit trees for donations to constituencies, schools and non-profit organisations across Grand Cayman. A smaller portion of the funds will be used to procure landscaping services to support tree planting or native plant rescue and transplanting efforts, as well as a limited amount for commemorative plaques for the 70 Mahogany trees planted as part of the initiative.

Trees purchased and planted using these donated funds shall be restricted, as far as possible, to sites which are at reduced risk for development or where the landowner can provide assurance that the trees will not be impacted by development, including but not limited to: protected areas, land for public purpose or public open space, and established facilities such as educational institutions and public sector buildings.

From left, Rotary Central Director – Community Service 2021-2022 Patrick Schmid and Rotary Central Secretary Monica Ramgeet.

The Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency looks forward to announcing the details of the first tree planting event featuring plants purchased through the donation in the coming weeks.

In June 2022, the Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency hosted a native seed and plant giveaway in support of the Plant a Tree for the Jubilee initiative and to transplant native saplings extracted from the planned Linford Pierson Highway extension in George Town. More than 150 native saplings and seedlings were given away free of charge, as well as approximately 230 packets of Mahogany, Strawberry and Cabbage seeds collected from local trees by volunteers.

So far, more than 330 trees have been planted across the Cayman Islands, including 22 Mahogany trees. The goal of the Plant a Tree for the Jubilee is to plant 70 native, endemic or fruit trees in each constituency for a total of 1,330 trees, including 70 Mahogany trees across all three islands.

The public is encouraged to pin their Jubilee trees on the digital map at: 

Executive Quotes

H.E. Governor Martyn Roper: “Thank you to Rotary Central for their generous financial contribution to the Government’s year-long Plant a Tree for the Jubilee initiative. This will enable even more of Cayman’s indigenous trees to be planted. I am pleased to see the wide range of activities to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 70 years on the Throne giving outstanding service. Plant a Tree for the Jubilee enables all of us to get involved all across our three islands celebrating this milestone.”

Premier and Minister for Sustainability & Climate Resiliency, Hon. G. Wayne Panton, JP, MP: “Trees improve our urban environments, help combat climate change, provide important ecosystem services that support biodiversity, and enhance community well-being. The funds generously donated by Rotary Central will go a long way to achieving our goal of 1,330 trees planted by the end of the Platinum Jubilee year. I encourage everyone to get involved in this effort – whether you plant a tree in your backyard or ten trees at your local park.”

Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn: “The Ministry looks forward to working with local nurseries, farmers and growers to purchase as many native, endemic and fruit trees as possible to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, support local biodiversity, enhance community wellbeing and combat climate change. We are very grateful to Rotary Central for this generous donation in support of a more biodiverse, climate-resilient Cayman Islands community.”

Rotary Central Immediate Past President Corleen Goodman: “At Rotary Central we are proud to support in any way possible, those national efforts which seek to prioritise the environment and the protection of the environment. Environmental preservation is not only important for aesthetics but respect for our environment and efforts to preserve its natural state are crucial to maintaining our way of life.”

Rotary Central Director – Community Service 2021-2022 Patrick Schmid: “Climate change has dramatically affected the way people live. The unprecedented pace of increasing global warming has resulted in rising water levels worldwide. The Cayman Islands were 8 feet above sea level, in the last 30 years we have seen scientific evidence that we are now 7 feet above sea level – considering the obvious land erosion in parts of these islands and the increasing threat of more powerful hurricanes and tidal waves – we must all accept the importance of combatting climate change. Rotary Central takes this threat as one of serious national concern. By supporting the Ministry’s efforts to prioritise climate change by planting trees is the least we could do and we hope to do a lot more


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