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Cayman: RCIPS warns motorists about poor driving habits

The RCIPS has received numerous complaints of motorists who have been driving in an inconsiderate manner on the roadway, and in doing so, violating a number of traffic laws and road code rules. As such, we would like to highlight these behaviors and request that the public follow these laws and rules to ensure smooth and safe travels.

Drivers have been failing to use indicators at turns as well as when entering the roundabouts. It is imperative that indicators are used to ensure that other road users are aware of your intentions to turn and your direction of travel, so that you may avoid a collision. Failing to indicate is an offense according to the Traffic Law, and carries a penalty of CI $100.

Motorists should not be changing lanes on or directly before entering roundabouts. You should choose your lanes, based on your direction of travel well in advance before approaching the roundabout so that you can avoid causing confusion and traffic buildup. Motorists should not stop on roundabouts and once you have entered a roundabout, should not give way. You must always exit the roundabout in the lane that you entered on.

Distracted Driving continues to be a major concern on the roadway, with persons creating pauses at roundabouts and stop lights when it is their turn to go, causing a backup of traffic as a result. When operating a motor vehicle, driving should be your only priority. Driving and using a mobile phone is an offense according the Traffic Law which carries a penalty of CI $150. So far this year, officers have issued just under 400 tickets for this offense. In the event of a collision, you may also be charged with inattention or even careless driving if it is discovered that the result of the collision was due to the driver being distracted.

Speeding and dangerous driving are also major causes for concern. So far this year, there have been over 1300 speeding tickets recorded for speeds over 55 miles per hour, which is a concern since the maximum speed for the entire Cayman Islands is 50 miles per hour. Further to this, officers have recorded vehicles going in excess of 95 miles per hour. As a result, we would like to remind the public that the cost for speeding in the Cayman Islands is CI $20 per mile over the limit and CI$40 per mile over the limit if you are recorded speeding in a school zone. Tickets are issued at a maximum of CI $500 and any person recorded speeding over that cost, will be warned for intended prosecution for the offense of dangerous driving (speeding) and be summoned to court. Speeds that double the speed limit in an area result in an automatic disqualification for a period no less than 6 months.

Additionally, the RCIPS have also been informed of persons attending brunches on Sundays, consuming an exorbitant amount of alcoholic beverages and then proceeding to drive whilst intoxicated. Driving under the influence of alcohol is an offense that is dealt with as a priority within the service and specifically by the Traffic and Roads Policing Unit. In order to discourage and prevent this behavior, we have heightened police presence along main thoroughfares on Sunday afternoons. Last Sunday the first patrols were introduced and 10 tickets were issued for speeding during the period.


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