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Cayman Islands Pageant Queen takes a turn in her career

Cayman Islands Beauty Queen Precious Sheril McField takes a turn in her career and is now a solo artist, professionally known as Precious Shordee. Precious Shordee is an urban hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall artist born and raised in the Cayman Islands currently based in the UK. This new artist is deemed as one of the new talents on the London music scene. Precious Shordee is formerly known and recognised as (Sheril McField) a Caribbean gem for her modelling and pageant winning. She grew up listening to dancehall, hip hop and soca. Her music idol of all time was Aaliyah, followed by Beyonce and Missy Elliott. She is also inspired by other artists such as Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, Left Eye, Giggs & Eve. Precious is the only child for both of her parents Richard & Arena McField, she found herself drawn into music as her companion especially when loneliness entered. She discovered music as an exit expression to accompany her solitude. Precious attended George Town Primary School for her elementary duration. In year 3, her teacher Miss Hardware introduced her to the school class to choir, after a few choir practices both Miss Curtis and Miss Hardware solely picked Precious to be the lead of the primary school choir with a solo performance in the all island primary school competitions at the Harquil Theatre. Miss Hardware saw something special in Precious this shy, quiet, reserved child and she pushed her to perform, be expressive and to embrace music, arts & theatre. Indeed the teachers instinct was right, that year George Town Primary School took home the Trophy for Best School Choir in Performing Arts. Since then Precious has won various awards and talent shows in groups and as a solo act. Precious Shordee started song writing in George Hicks High School, and in John Gray High School her creative journey in the music world begun. 

After completing high school, a new chapter for her unfolded, she entered the recording studio and the music world. After recording a few tracks she began to get feedback of peoples thoughts and their opinions of her dreaming the impossible. Precious realised quickly that she was no longer surrounded by her teachers or school mates and her support team was little to none, she was now facing facts in the real world. Heartbroken, her spark dulled and she dropped back into a reserved quiet character, got a job and ceased music in her life. 

Three years later Precious found herself in a dark place and being very unhappy and at a very low point she decided to turn to modelling to help rebuild her self-confidence and to rid her shyness, she had to be her own support team if she wanted to follow her dreams. She auditioned for a model school, got accepted and graduated from John Casablancas Modelling Agency in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America in 2007. She was a contracted model for Atlanta Film and Fashion Board, Model Productions and other model agencies. In 2013 Precious Shordee relocated to Surrey, England, United Kingdom leaving her family behind. After 2 years of settling into England Precious took the title of Ms. Surrey Galaxy Pageant 2015/2016 winning the crown out of 100 contestants in her first ever pageant entry. She continued on to Nationals to compete and took the 3rd place title in the finals of Ms Galaxy UK 2016. Precious also entered into Miss British Isles in May 2018, she was selected to be a contestant, Seventy-five participants were picked from more than 10,000 applicants for the Miss British Isles pageant. Precious placed 5th in the Miss British Isles Elegance category. Confident to start her destiny, Precious pursued her journey to follow her dream in music.

In late 2018 she was discovered online by Steve Bernard from Jampact Recordings whom she recorded her first Single “Blue Fire” and also “Breakthrough” in 2019. Making some noise in the streets of London, Precious was contacted by Blak Marshall the CEO of KCX Label where she recorded her new upcoming single Bad Gyal Whine. Precious has no doubt left an imprint wherever she’s gone. Precious Shordee firsts UK Live Show Performance at an Old Street London Event with New Level Promotions, she had the crowd hype and keen, the DJ had to run the song Breakthrough twice to please the crowd. Everyone was interested by this new artist and intrigued by her Caribbean accent Precious Shordee made it known her Caribbean accent was proudly the Cayman Islands and she came through to put her country on the map. She loves her people and believes that they can do anything they set their mind to. “My country might be small but we have mad talent to offer to the world”. Precious strives for woman empowerment, supports mental health is very family oriented. 

Precious will be performing at the Pirates week Local National Song Competition on November 9th starting at 8:30pm at Harbour Drive. Precious Shordee will also be launching her EP Debut “Breakthrough” on November 11th, 2019 at the Live Entertainment and Culture Display, Pirates Week Show at Harbour Drive. Her music speaks of courage, confidence, living and enjoying life and believing in yourself. The feel to her music is very vibrant, and catchy it has a twist of capturing dancehall and hiphop relatable Precious Shordee plans for the near future is to release a mixtape in 2020 and to collaborate with other engineers, producers and artists.Precious’ goal is to become the first Caymanian International Female Solo Artist in the music industry representing the Cayman Islands Caribbean Background.  She truly is a Caymanian Gem.


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