May 10, 2021

Cayman National Dressage Competition

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Anja Van Genderen riding Kartouche

Anja Van Genderen riding Kartouche

Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation hosts CND and National Dressage competition 26th January 2014

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (CIEF) recently hosted its first ever Federation Equestrian International (FEI) CDN Dressage Show and the first National Dressage Show for 2014. The competition was held at the Equestrian Centre on Linford Pierson Highway on Sunday 26th January. A ‘CDN’ Dressage show requires at least two foreign FEI judges. The primary purpose of the CIEF hosting a CDN show was to enable Jessica McTaggart Giuzio and her horse Ray of Light to obtain one of two qualifying scores required to compete in the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC), which take place every four years and this year will be hosted in Veracruz, Mexico in July 2014.

The two foreign judges were Kjell Myhre from Norway and Ricardo Rojas from Costa Rica. Both of these Judges have visited the Island several times before and are 4 star and 3 star FEI judges respectively. The CIEF was very proud when both Judges confirmed their observations of the significant improvements of both the ability of Cayman riders and training of their horses.

The competition started with an official Jog of all horses, which involves all riders presenting their horses to both visiting FEI judges and appointed vets. The purpose of a jog is to ensure all horses are physically well enough to participate in the competition. The judges were also observing the behavior, physical condition and turn out/presentation of the horse. All the horses passed the jog and were therefore accepted to participate in the competition. The judges’ decisions about the best presented horses were unanimous with Ray of Light, owned by Jessica McTaggart Giuzio placing first as Best Presented Horse in the adult category and Sunday’s Edition owned by Phoebe Serpell placing first in the children’s category.

The CIEF was thrilled to welcome back Cindy Thaxton who worked with most of the riders in the days running up to the competition. Cindy is no stranger to Cayman and has repeatedly helped prepare and train Cayman riders for important international competitions both at home and abroad.

The competition proved to be a huge success and CIEF is delighted to announce that Jessica received a combined score of 63.62% in the Prix St George which exceeds the minimum score required to qualify for the CAC later this year. The CIEF will be hosting another CDN on March 8th to allow Jessica to obtain the second required qualification.

Other highlights of the day included Tracey Surrey winning the Adult Preliminary class on Sonrise David owned by Pamela Fowler with a score of 65.17%, Anja Van Genderen scoring 61.08% in the Elementary Children’s class on her Cayman pony Karma, Meegan Slattery winning both the USDF B & C test that she entered on her pony Max and Phoebe Serpell who claimed the highest score of day, 70%, on her new horse Sunday’s Edition in the Children’s Preliminary class. The Children’s Preliminary class was the largest class in the competition and in second place was Ashley van den Bol on her new horse EWSZ Carmella with a score of 66.98% and third place was Anja Van Genderen on Kartouche scoring 62.93%, Thea Milward stole the fourth place on her new horse Zafira with a score of 60.86% followed closely by Isabelle Smith on Edson Arantes MB with a score of 60.52% in fifth place. Sixth place was Ashley van den Bol with her second ride of the day on Pony Up with a score of 59.39% and in seventh place was Hannah Fowler on Seligkeit with 58.79%.

The Adult Elementary classes had two entries and Polly Serpell took first place on Partenon with a score of 62.90% with Alexandra Bodden was very close behind in second place riding her horse Relation with a score 62.63%.

The Adult Preliminary class also included Regina Novak, who placed second on her horse Leonora with a score of 60.68%. Alexandra Bodden showed for a second time on Relation and scored 61% in the Medium test.

The high point awards went to Tracey Surrey on Sonrise David in the adult category and Phoebe Serpell in the children’s category.

The CIEF was very enthused to see so many new young dressage riders enter the following national classes and looks forward to watching their dressage careers evolve:


USDF – B Test

Meegan Slattery        Max                                         67.89%          1st place

Saskia Drake Me & My Shadow                              62.19%          2nd place

Leah Alberga             Twinkle                                              61.56%          3rd place

Lara Humphries        Storm                                      57.19%          4th place

Megan Swart             Princess                                              56.25%          5th place

Abbey Swartz            Pony Up                                             54.38%          6th place


USDF – C Test

Meegan Slattery        Max                                         64.75%          1st place

Basil Humphries        Storm                                      63.50%          2nd place

Saskia Drake Me & My Shadow                              62.75%          3rd place

The CIEF looks forward to welcoming Cindy Thaxton back to the Island 19th – 23rd February. She will be offering dressage clinics to help all riders prepare for the upcoming FEI World Dressage Challenge on 8th March 2014.

For more information please contact Milly Serpell 926 1551 [email protected]


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