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Cayman: MOE signs contract with local contractor to construct new classroom block at Red Bay Primary

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has made another significant stride in its efforts to provide a solid education foundation for every student. 

On Tuesday (29 August), the MOE and Ron Wilson’s Equipment and Construction officially entered into a contract to build three new Year 6 classrooms at Red Bay Primary School. In addition, the three existing Year 6 classrooms will be converted into three Reception classrooms, each accommodating up to 24 students. 

With this development, the Ministry aims to ensure that the school has a full complement of reception classes. This initiative is especially beneficial for parents in the Red Bay catchment area with Reception-age children, as they will no longer need to seek alternative facilities outside the district due to the limited availability of reception classes at the school.

The Hon. Juliana O’ Çonnor-Connolly, Minister for Education, expressed profound satisfaction with this accomplishment, stating, “Education is the bedrock of our society, and every child deserves a nurturing environment to begin their learning journey. Equipping our government schools with ample reception classes will give children the necessary tools and support to succeed in their educational journey.” 

The construction project commenced on 30 August and is expected to conclude by the end of 2023.      

The reception classroom block will provide an enriching early learning experience, with each reception class equipped with infant restrooms and ample storage.

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