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Cayman: Man charged in relation to two George Town Burglaries

On Saturday, 9 September, officers on patrol in West Bay observed a man who was wanted in relation to burglary incidents in George Town. Officers approached the man and informed him he was under arrest, when he became aggressive and attempted to escape from the officers, causing minor injury to one of the officers. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and for resisting arrest and assaulting police. A search of his person was conducted and approximately two and a half pounds of suspected ganja was recovered. He was further arrested on suspicion of possession and consumption of ganja and possession of ganja with intent to supply. 

The man, age 42 of George Town, has since been formally charged with two counts of Burglary in relation to two separate incidents. The first was an incident on Tuesday, 22 August, where a restaurant on Shedden Road and Martin Drive was discovered to have been broken into and cash and other items taken. The second was on Monday, 4 September, where a liquor store on North Church Street was found to have been broken into and items taken. 

The man appears in court today, 11 September. 

The man remains under investigation for the drug and other offenses.


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