September 20, 2023

Cayman: Ministry of Labour Tribunals receive remuneration increase

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Hon. Dwayne Seymour

Cabinet has granted the approval for members of the Labour Tribunal and the Labour Appeals Tribunal to receive an increase in remuneration payments.

This decision reflects the Government’s commitment to recognizing the vital role Members of these Tribunals play in resolving labour disputes across the country, thereby ensuring fair treatment for all parties involved. The Ministry of Border Control & Labour recognizes that the Tribunals work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served and that the rights of both employers and employees are protected. 

Labour Tribunals, comprised entirely of volunteers, have long been at the forefront of resolving intricate disputes that arise in labour relations. These committed individuals, with their extensive expertise and dedication to upholding fair labour practices, contribute immeasurably to maintaining harmonious workplace environments. This, in turn, bolsters good governance by fostering transparency, fairness, and efficiency, thus paving the way for a more effective government.

Previously, the Chairperson and Deputy Chair received CI $125 and Members CI $100 per meeting, however, the Chairperson will now receive CI $400.00; the Deputy Chairperson CI $300; and Members will now receive CI $200. The increase became effective 1 September 2023.

The increase in remuneration payments comes as a testament to the Ministry of Border Control & Labour’s unwavering acknowledgment of the invaluable service rendered by these tribunal members. Their tireless efforts contribute significantly to the timely resolution of labor disputes, ensuring that justice is served to both employees and employers alike.

Hon. Seymour, Minister responsible for Labour expressed his gratitude to the dedicated tribunal members, stating, “The Ministry of Border Control & Labour is deeply appreciative of the selfless commitment demonstrated by our Labour Tribunal members. Their voluntary service in resolving complex labor disputes is instrumental in maintaining the delicate balance between workers’ rights and employer interests. We believe that this increase in remuneration payments is a small token of our appreciation for their invaluable contributions.” Additionally, by increasing remuneration payments, the Ministry aims to encourage more qualified individuals to volunteer their time and expertise to serve on Labour Tribunals.

Furthermore, this decision reflects the Ministry’s ongoing commitment to fostering an environment of fairness, transparency, and efficiency in labor dispute resolution. By recognizing the essential role of Labour Tribunal members and offering them appropriate remuneration, the Ministry hopes to further strengthen labor relations and promote a more equitable workplace environment for all.

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