July 28, 2021

Cayman Islands Youth Skate Jam

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From Michael Myles Chairperson & Manager CI Skateboard Association & Black Pearl Skate Park

I am partnering with the Pirates Week Festival to host a Youth Skate Jam on September 2, 3pm-9pm. The event is promoted to raise funding for the Pirates Week Festival.

The Jamaican Federation Skateboard team will be my guest from September 2-5. We are hoping to inspire as many youth to get active and keep positive. As crime continue to be of concern in our islands, I want to continue to inspire hope and togetherness.

I am inviting all [readers of iNews Cayman] to assist me in promoting the event leading up to the day and on the day. Please see attached a flyer to post on your social media pages and share with friends, family and clients.

About the Cayman Islands Skateboard Association

CISA is a non-profit association created to act as a positive conduit for recreational and sporting activities and to provide a safe, well managed and maintained environment from which to foster the interest in, and the ability to excel in the sport of skateboarding and all other related associated and/or associated sporting activities for the youth of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands community in general.

The key objectives of CISA are to develop the sport of skateboarding in the Cayman Islands, maintain a youth center at the Black Pearl Skate Park, the largest skate park in North America and the second largest in the world while empowering our youth to fulfil their potential and talent of competing with the best skateboarders in the world.

Mission: The Mission of the Cayman Islands Skateboard Association is to maintain a world class skate park in the Cayman Islands; to the park a healthy, safe environment, free of graffiti and litter while fostering self-confidence, good health, strength and pride with the youth of our islands.

Vision: To inspire our community to live happier and healthier lives, in a positive, productive, sober environment, by providing exceptional opportunities to play, learn and grow.

Outcomes: An increase in our youth involved in productive sporting and community activities, a decrease in youth criminal offences, building healthy families and communities, and contributing to a safer and more productive society for all.
Black Pearl Skate Park

On April 23, 2005, the world’s greatest professional vert skater Tony Hawk officially opened the park. The Black Pearl Skate Park, ranked largest skate park in the Western Hemisphere and the 2nd largest in the world.

This massive park covers over 52,000 square feet and features courses for beginner, intermediate and expert skaters. It has 62,000 sq. ft. of quarter pips, half pipes, rails, stairs, and bowls making it the second largest skate park in the world.

Almost all of the pro skaters have skated the Black Pearl Skate Park at least once. This park has several lines for all skill levels, making it the perfect place to skate for everyone.
Opportunities for Sponsorship

CISA officially was contracted to manage the Black Pearl Skate Park in April 2013. The park had been unsupervised leaving it open for vandalism, drug use, bullying and other harmful activities by youth. Since taking over the park it has been restored for safe community use hosting more than 2000 skaters, bikers, and scooter riders, most of whom are young teenagers. Partnerships have been established with the Ministry of Education Extended After School Program which is managed by the YMCA, Big Brother Big Sister, Special Needs Foundation, Chess Association, Youth Anti-Crime Trust and Hope Academy for regular usage. Over the past year, the Black Pearl Skate Park has had many visitors from cruise lines and stay over visitors.

CISA has hosted regularly local and international tournaments at the park. Our first international series was hosted on April 26, 2014 by TopGrom. TopGrom is considered the largest under 13 skateboard youth series in the world. In 2014, TopGrom hosted series in the following countries: Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands. The tournament was the largest in the Cayman Islands, attracting over 40 youth to the competition.

In order to further promote and develop CISA and activities at the Black Pearl Skate park with positive youth and community activities the following support is necessary:

Locally and international competitions-On December 26, 2015, the park was outfitted with lights. With the installation of lights, our youth and their families have been provided with increase access: Sunday-Thursday, 3pm-7pm, Friday-Saturday 3pm-9pm. The lights will allow for further local and international competitions to be held in the park with the goal of attracting the world’s greatest skateboarders and BMX riders. This provides our youth with more opportunities to show case their talent and host more activities to the local community. CISA in partnership with the perspective donor will prepare a yearly calendar highlighting quarterly competitions and promotions. This will provide the local and international competitors opportunities prepare. As part of the sponsorship, the donor will be expected to provide awards and promotional items for winners in each category: skateboard, scooters and BMX
Equipment: boards, scooters, bikes, helmets, pads – Equipment available for promoting the sport and use/rent enables youth who are new to the park and may not yet have their own gear or those without financial means for gear to participate.

SOURCE: www.blackpearl.ky
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