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New Caribbean hotel celebrates the art of doing nothing

From Incentive Travel UK

Escapists will soon have the chance to experience life a little differently as a largely unknown Caribbean concept is introduced to the world
Guests at The Liming hotel on Bequia (Bek-way) will be immersed in an experience shaped by the philosophy that doing nothing is an art form – a way of life embodied by the 5,000 inhabitants of the remote Caribbean island.

Influenced by the serenity of nature, the destination, which is due to open in November 2018, will offer exquisitely designed, private one, two, four and five-bedroom villas set amongst the outstanding natural beauty of the Caribbean, expertly positioned to absorb the soft natural light of the Caribbean.

Whether guests choose to partake in a little nothing while soaking amongst the bright Caribbean colours in their private infinity pool or by admiring the dark skies unspoiled by light pollution, each decision taken by The Liming has been carefully considered to provide guests with the freedom to just be.

The hotel will be managed by a new Caribbean hotel management team, formed from world-renowned and multi-award winning Inverlochy Castle Management Company (ICMI) and partners.

Norbert Lieder, managing director, ICMI, said: “As soon as you arrive on Bequia you get a sense that life on the island is a little different – that you’re entering the real Caribbean.

“We wanted to design a concept that embodies this approach to life, something that offers guests the chance to enter the Bequia state of mind with no added gimmicks or distractions.

“To stay on Bequia is to reenergise, recharge and rediscover the self while enjoying the privacy that comes with the exclusive island location – The Liming is entirely set up to channel pure escapism a world away from the stresses of reality.

“Our experience in managing some of the world’s most renowned five-star destinations helped us to strike the balance between a luxurious yet authentic and highly personalised experience, resulting in a concept that we are really excited to be a part of.”

Passing yachts will also have the chance to experience The Liming, mooring at the hotel’s marina while dining at the hotel’s exclusive restaurant set above the roof of the Caribbean Sea.

For hotel guests, the dining experience need not be confined to the restaurant, and can be served privately within each villa.

Part of the Grenadines archipelago, the island of Bequia is often considered the most beautiful, with its reputation as the real, authentic Caribbean far outweighing the island’s seven-mile circumference.

Reached by air or sea, Bequia’s closest connecting islands are Barbados, St Lucia and St Vincent.

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