September 25, 2022

Cayman Islands St. George’s Anglican Church stages local playwright’s play

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IMG_2387 IMG_2400 IMG_2401 IMG_2403 IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2428GRAND CAYMAN – (Monday, September 8, 2014) St. George’s Anglican Church is staging a production of Mary Slessor: Great White Ma, a play written by local playwright, Colin Wilson, who is also a member of the church.

The play tells the compelling story of Mary Slessor, a late 19th Century Scottish missionary who served the people of the Calabar region of Southern Nigeria. Her service to the people of Calabar is remembered and honoured there to this day.

Ms. Slessor lived among the people and ministered to them. She learned their language and culture and spread the Christian faith. She persuaded those who still held traditional beliefs, particularly the killing of twins at birth, to abandon these cruel practices. She administered modern medicines to cure a variety of tropical diseases. She was also a crusader for women’s rights and social justice, and even served as a magistrate.

Wilson says, “It’s my bit for gender equality. Mary Slessor accomplished so much. Yet the exploits of her countryman and fellow missionary, Dr. David Livingstone, are much better known in the West. This play is an effort to honour the legacy of a remarkable woman.”

The title role is being played by Jamie K. Smith, a young graduate of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s Summer Arts Camp.

The production runs Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun from October 9-12 at the St. George’s Anglican Church Hall, beginning at 7:00 p.m. (except Sunday [matinee] 3pm) Tickets are available from the Church Office (above Pre-school) or may be purchased at the door on the nights of the production. Telephone: 949-5583/9164594

Contact Colin Wilson at [email protected]

IMAGES From rehearsal Tue Sep 9

Mary Slessor flyer

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  1. Carol-Ann Rudy says

    I wish I could be there to applaud the performance, but can only extend the traditional wish of “break a leg”! It takes dedication and unflinching commitment to launch a play and bring it to a successful conclusion. Wonderful story, great script!

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