May 7, 2021

Jamaican-born designer lights up Grand Central terminal with flashmob show

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2014-09-08-tc-dmarsh-cl01By Tangerine Clarke From Caribbean Life

It was fashion in a flash!

A “flashmob” fashion show by House of D’Marsh on Friday, Sept. 5, left passersby aghast in Grand Central Terminal, as models sashayed along the coridors in fabulous gowns, and menswear pieces to showcase the magnificent work of Jamaican-born Glenroy D’Marsh.

The Brooklyn-based fashion guru made history when he attracted a large audience to his collection in the busy train station to kick-off New York Fashion Week.

“This is not your typical runway style fashion show or presentation,” he said.

And he was right.

More than 20 svelte models strutted their stuff in the fabulous Spring collection show from D’Marsh’s bold new colorfully-coordinated brand to showcase a yellow mix motif, followed by black, green, red and white, in topless floor-length gowns, and lavish skirts paired with chic blouses.

2014-09-08-tc-dmarsh-cl02The master of fashion outfitted the ladies in dresses with thigh high slits and plunging neckline, some designed with fishtails. The garments were accessorized with lavish bows, belts, jewels, and fringe, in addition to eye-popping, off-the-shoulder and two-piece swimsuits.

The models exuded elegance under the lights that shone on the makeshift runway of the centennial building, and where flashbulbs captured male garments in black, white and yellow ensembles, designed in summer shorts, long sleeve shirts, suits and sweaters, in keeping the brands diverse collection.

D’Marsh stated that upcoming 2015 will be the year of innovation for his brand that has lit up runways across the Caribbean and North America. He added that he would 2014-09-08-tc-dmarsh-cl03continue to push the boundaries of fashion to ensure the couture line stays relevant.

Follow D’Marsh on Facebook at www.faceb‌‌house‌ofdma‌rsh, and on Twitter at #houseofdmarch.

Photos by Tangerine Clarke

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