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Cayman Islands referee attacked during Senior Mens Semi-Finals Football Match

From the Cayman Islands Referee Association (CIRA)

Date: Saturday, April 8th 2017
8pm Senior Men’s FA Cup Semi-Finals Match MFA-3, P69 at Ed Bush Football Playing Field
Teams: Future SC vs. Alliance FC
90 mins. into the game, score was 3-0 in favour to Future SC
Around that time, one of the referee officials was assaulted by the coach of Alliance FC

Several referees became unavailable in response to this incident
Referees have withdrawn their services until the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) takes action to quell the violence enacted towards referees.

History of violence towards match officials
For 2017 thus far there have been more than 5 reported incidents involving physical attacks and discrimination (gender, race, nationality, etc.).
This figure does not include other unreported verbal incidents.
Refereeing is a voluntary activity (there are no full-time referees in the Cayman Islands).

IMAGE: Football Bible

The following has just been received (after the above release):

Joint statement from Football Associations – Zero Tolerance

The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) and the Cayman Islands Referee Association (CIRA) have released this joint statement:

CIFA and CIRA reaffirms their commitment to the safety of match officials and have agreed to increase security at matches to include the presence of police officers and additional security guards.

There will continue to be a zero tolerance for abuse or discrimination from players, coaches, members of clubs or spectators. Violators of this zero tolerance approach will be reported to the CIFA Disciplinary Committee and the Royal Cayman Islands Police and, where considered appropriate, be banned from attending any CIFA matches.

“Clubs who perpetuate or condone coaches and players making threats, or acting violently, towards match officials or other players or coaches on, or outside, the field of play or that violate the CIFA Code of Conduct in any other regards will face sanctions, such as fines, deduction of points or being banned from competitions.” remarked the President of CIFA, Mr. Lee Ramoon. “The time has come for stricter measures, and together with the CIFA Executive Committee, we are determined to implement stricter security measures and sanctions, in order to ensure the safety and betterment of the game.”

“We will be meeting with clubs shortly to emphasize this new zero tolerance rule” stated Mr. Ramoon.

“Additionally, it is important to note that the coach in question has been suspended from all football related activity pending a ruling from our Disciplinary Committee and further review from our Executive Committee.”
“We intend to send a strong message and warning to our football fraternity.” commented Mr. Ramoon. “Clubs need to select coaches that are equipped with the right skill set and abilities, and we will hold clubs responsible for its coaches, management, and players. We do not condone the bad behavior of coaches and players. It’s simply not acceptable.”

All games resume today as scheduled, and we thank the fans for their continued support.


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