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Cayman Islands Progressives: Falsehoods vs Truth

158By The Progressives


McKeeva Bush claims the Progressives stopped the work on the proposed UDP cruise dock.

The awful track record and the action of McKeeva Bush caused the proposed UDP cruise dock project to implode. Costing the country and taxpayers millions of dollars!
The UK actually stopped the China Harbour contract because of concerns around the process of awarding the contract. Some history:
McKeeva Bush tried with DECCO to build the cruise port and this failed. He went to the GLF company and signed an agreement. He shortly cancelled that contract and moved to the Chinese, and he failed again – because he continually refuses to follow proper process.
The Port Authority Board had concerns regarding the cancellation of the GLF contract. McKeeva Bush then directly interfered in the process and the Port Board.
This Compass report showed the concern of the Port Board: –
And with McKeeva Bush’s proposed dock deal there was no independent environmental impact study done and there was no real transparency in the process.
There would have also been huge costs as it included the so called ‘upland development’.
By cancelling the GLF contract McKeeva Bush cost the Cayman taxpayer over $2 million in payment to GLF in a breach of contract lawsuit.
What was the real reason why the contract with GLF cancelled?
GLF is a reputable and substantial company, bonded by several governments to complete large marine works projects. It does not add up.
And why was China Harbour awarded a contract without a proper procurement process?
No wonder the UK had concerns and stopped the deal.



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