January 31, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Falsehoods vs Truth according to McKeeva and McLaughlin

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colin-wilsonIt was about time the Progressives answered the continual truth bending by UDP leader McKeeva Bush.

His claims are so incredible he sounds like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, except Hillary is a master (mistress?) and Trump is well – Trump! McKeeva is certainly more like Trump than he is Hillary but he is just as cunning as she is.

The more you shout your falsehoods the more chance you get someone to believe them. Of course, if you are a supporter of the person you will believe everything that comes out of his/her mouth.

McKeeva knows this very well and even if the facts don’t back any of his claims it doesn’t worry him. It doesn’t worry Hillary as she smiles, pauses, then with a straight face bends the truth it even sometimes breaks wide open. Trump shouts and snorts his falsehoods with so much venom and hate it is a wonder fire and smoke doesn’t belch from his nostrils and “other places”.

McKeeva certainly knows how to shout and keep a straight face. I firmly believe he actually believes everything he says.

I have wondered over the years why on earth doesn’t someone answer him back with the truth with the same passion as he spreads these wild claims that if he was Pinocchio his nose would be so big I believe he would topple over and it would pierce the ground at his feet. But then the same can be said of Hillary and Trump.

What a sight that would be.

The Progressives have now realised they had better answer Bush’s claims but they have nobody in their party with the charisma and power Bush has.

I witnessed for myself the difference in the response by the public when both McKeeva and Premier Alden McLauglin took the stage at the recent Lions Centre event that was a thinly veiled LGBTQ bash by some of our churches.

McLaughlin’s applause was polite. McKeeva’s was warm and noisy with even cheers. And he was the complete showman whilst McLaughlin looked all the time uncomfortable.

That’s one thing I do admire McKeeva for. He commands the stage and wherever he goes you don’t miss him. He has presence. He doesn’t even have to say anything.

He is much better, as Trump is, when someone else writes his speeches. It is only when either of them move away from their scripts they stumble and stammer.

Rarely does Hillary do this. She is a professional and cold as ice. She would make you shiver if you were close to her on a hot day. I have often wondered if she could actually walk into the sun and not melt.

So what is the answer then to McKeeva’s falsehoods (I actually hate the word ‘falsehood[s] but I have to use it here as you will see if you read on)?

The Progressives have replied by using their website hoping some of us will go online, find and read “Get The Facts”. It is very well put together and does put the record straight even with references to support their “TRUTH” to McKeeva’s “FALSEHOOD”.

I will make it a lot easier for you as here is the direct link: http://www.theprogressives.ky/the-facts/

Unfortunately, unless you read this Editorial and you are not a staunch supporter of the Progressives to go to their website to see what they are saying, are not on their social media network, you won’t read it.

McKeeva gets the media to publish his “falsehoods” by his regular public meetings. He gets the wider publicity.

Each day this week we will be publishing the Progressives GET THE FACTS and there is an open invitation for McKeeva to reply. I promise it will be published in full if he accepts the offer.

That way you all can decide What is truth? What is falsehood?

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