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Cayman Islands: Ironwood selects Construction Manger for infrastructure works and golf courses

Cayman Club_Cam ZoomedinDevelopers of Ironwood, the $1.1 billion golf community coming soon to the East End and North Side, have appointed Wharton-Smith International LLC (WSI) as their construction manager for infrastructure works on the project. WSI’s primary role is to manage the construction of the golf course and infrastructure of the Ironwood development.

With seven offices in the south-east of the United States, WSI has a comprehensive background in infrastructure works, having managed large construction projects in the USA and globally. The WSI team has a strong connection and affinity with Grand Cayman and other parts of the Caribbean, particularly on golf resort developments and projects such as Albany, Atlantis and Bakers Bay Golf in the Bahamas, as well as other projects in St John, St Croix, and St Thomas.

WSI has a history of working in Cayman, having previously overseen the construction of Cayman’s US$17.2 million wastewater treatment plant in (2005) and other projects for the Water Authority-Cayman Ltd.

Ironwood will be the first large-scale residential development in Cayman to build a “reclaimed water” treatment plant to recycle highly treated wastewater, which will then be used to irrigate the golf courses. Wharton-Smith’s significant experience in this advanced environmental friendly method of treating wastewater will be invaluable.

From inception, the developers at Ironwood have maintained their commitment to the Cayman people that the development will also create significant job opportunities for Caymanians. Ironwood and WSI will honour this commitment by employing a minimum of 60% Caymanian contractors and local labour for the project.

David V Hayes, vice president of Wharton-Smith International LLC said: “I love Cayman and the Cayman people. Our prior projects support our commitment to provide opportunities to our Cayman employees including, where needed, skills training and creating opportunities for local companies to participate in the project. We are delighted to return to Cayman and work with the developers of Ironwood on this exciting golf and community project. Ironwood will be home to the first Arnold Palmer designed golf course in the Caribbean; positioning Cayman to become a global golf destination. WSI is proud to manage the construction of the infrastructure and golf courses on the project.”

David Moffit, Ironwood developer responded: “We are extremely pleased to have Wharton-Smith Inc on board as our construction manager for complete infrastructure works and golf construction on Ironwood. Their history of successfully competing in the Caribbean, along with an experienced leadership team are key reasons Ironwood along with Arnold Palmer Properties have chosen WSI to oversee this critical component, which is the anchor of the Ironwood development.”


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