January 31, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Misunderstanding, miscommunication but missed.

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Colin Wilsonweb2According to MLA Ezzard Miller, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Phillip Rankin Chair of Cayman Airways, missed last Thursday’s meeting even though the date and time had been moved to accommodate him.

According to Fabian Whorms, Chief Executive Officer of Cayman Airways Ltd (CAL), speaking to CNS, Rankin didn’t attend the meeting because of  “a chain of miscommunication”.

A chain? With a few missing links!

The Legislative Assembly used the wrong email was one.

So who gave PAC the date Rankin could attend the meeting? Miller said they were accommodating him. Surely Rankin had given PAC this date either himself or via a third party? He had to have been aware of it. No chair of a committee knowing that this very busy accountant who had not been able to attend the dates previously given to him would choose another one without Rankin’s input. Miller said the date had been changed to accommodate him (Rankin).

Whorms said Rankin and CAL management had assumed the board chairman would attend PAC at the same time that he and the chief financial officer went before the committee. This apparently is the usual course of events when CAL is asked to attend any LA committee meeting.

No one at the airline or Rankin, said Whorms were aware that the PAC members wanted to speak with the chairman separately from the operational management team until a few days before the committee meeting was set.

A committee meeting date, according to Miller, to accommodate Rankin.

If you are confused you are not alone.

I cannot make sense of anything.

Whorms stressed the problem was due to a misunderstanding and was not due to disrespect.

So we have misunderstanding, miscommunication and a missed meeting.

We await with interest what happens when Rankin is summoned next. We are assured by Whorms Rankin will attend the new date.

If he doesn’t attend it can be blamed on another wrong email address. Another miscommunication.

Misunderstandings happen all the time. That’s why we are missed when we miss.

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    Is this guy, Rankin, the same guy that audited CIFA?

    Just wondering.

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