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Cayman Islands HSA to host Critical Illness Symposium in September

critical_illnessThe Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) is pleased to announce their first Critical Illness Symposium, scheduled to take place at The Westin Grand Cayman Resort 12 – 13 September 2014.

The Symposium will provide an educational platform for clinicians working in the field of critical illness, but is open to all healthcare providers, whether they work with patients who are critically ill or not.

This educational event will be free to all locally registered healthcare professionals and will feature sessions aimed at managing acute medical conditions in adults and children, as well as lectures on acute deteriorations in neurological and mental health. In addition to local presenters, it will also feature experts from the US and the UK to host workshops and deliver talks all day on Friday 12th (8:00am – 4:30pm) and Saturday 13th September (8:00am – 10:30am).

Dr Elizabeth McLaughlin, Acting Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Head of Accident & Emergency and EMS, said the symposium will be relevant for a wide range of medical professionals, “Prospective attendees should be aware that any local healthcare workers are welcome to attend this important event”.

“Attendees will be able to rehearse scenarios that don’t happen every day and update themselves on current best practice. They might not be frontline emergency caregivers but can still improve how they might handle difficult situations within the limits of their expertise”, she said.

Tenet Healthcare is the sole sponsor of this event and while everyone in the medical field is encouraged to attend, emergency responders, front line doctors and nurses and critical care clinicians are particularly encouraged to take part.

Dr Mercedes Dullum, the Medical Director with Tenet Healthcare International Services, said organisers were delighted with the calibre of speakers set to present.

“Tenet is proud to be the hosting partner and sole sponsor of this event. In collaboration with the HSA we have ensured that attendees will enjoy presentations from some of the top medical professionals in their field. These include Dr. Ali Shahriari, Cardiac and Vascular Surgeon with Tenet, Florida who will be presenting on the acutely unstable cardiovascular system, Dr Monty Mythen, Professor of Intensive Care University College, London, who will be giving a talk on fluid management, and Dr James Robertson, Consultant Paediatrician with Trincay, Cayman Islands, who will speak on how a critically ill child would present. We are sincerely grateful to these and all our distinguished speakers for donating their expertise to this significant event,” Dr Dullum said.




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