October 16, 2021

Cayman: Deadline for Applications – TSG Farmers’ Assistance, Project is Friday, October 15

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Grand Cayman – Commercial farmers are reminded that the deadline to submit applications for the Tropical Storm Grace Farmers’ Assistance Project is Friday, October 15.

The project, which has Government funding of $3 million dollars, is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture with oversight from the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure. It is aimed at providing assistance to commercial farmers who suffered loss of income or livestock, damage to crops and farm infrastructure and are in need of financial support and agricultural inputs necessary to recover from loss and damage sustained as a result of the storm.

The eligibility requirements and application process is as follows:

·         Applicants must be commercial farmers – crops/livestock/both;

·         Applicants must submit a completed application form along with required supporting documents;

·         Applicant must submit copy of commercial farmer’s ID card issued by Department of Agriculture; where no farmer’s ID available, a letter from Department of Agriculture approving status;

·         Valid Cayman Islands Government issued identification;

·         Applicants will be subjected to assessment by representatives from Department of Agriculture and Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure.

Application forms are available at the Department of Agriculture. Interested persons may contact (345) 947-3090, 244-2412 or email[email protected] for further information.

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