October 20, 2020

Cayman: CUC Power Line Technicians to assist with restoration efforts in the Bahamas


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CUC Power Line Technicians and Technician Helpers who travelled to the Bahamas to assist with hurricane restoration efforts are pictured with David Watler, Vice President Operations (left), and Robert Whorms, Manager T&D Operations (right). Technicians include from left, Christopher Ebanks, Patrick Myrie, Andrew Skowby, Miguel Goulbourne, Shandi Wagner, Evan Casey and Nathaniel Augustine.

Seven members of CUC’s Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Operations department left Grand Cayman on Friday, October 18 to assist Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. with the restoration of power following the passing of Hurricane Dorian in September. The Power Line Technicians and Technician Helpers are expected to be in the Abaco Islands for approximately three weeks. The Abaco Islands were devastated following the passing of Hurricane Dorian.

Andrew Skowby, Work Methods Specialist, will head up the CUC team, which include Shandi Wagner, Evan Casey, Miguel Goulbourne, Nathaniel Augustine, Christopher Ebanks and Patrick Myrie. A number of the technicians have pole climbing training as well as pole digging and pole planting experience, which is necessary when dealing with a shortage of vehicles, equipment and materials due to the storm, which the Bahamas is currently experiencing.

Robert Whorms, Manager T&D Operations said, “We are fully aware of the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian and the urgent need for assistance to restore electricity for the health and rebuilding of the affected islands in the Bahamas. We are very pleased that we are able to provide support in the aftermath of this recent tragedy. Our dedicated team of employees are well prepared and take pride in representing CUC and the Cayman Islands alongside other utilities in the relief efforts.”

CUC’s assistance was offered in conjunction with the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation’s (CARILEC) Disaster Assistance Programme (CDAP), which coordinates regional efforts to respond to requests for assistance from disaster stricken member utilities. The programme is facilitated by the CARILEC Disaster Fund, which is indispensable to the successful implementation of disaster restoration efforts among CARILEC Member utilities.

Founded in 1989, CARILEC is a regional association of Caribbean electric utility companies and currently boasts 106 members. This includes 35 full members (electric utilities), 66 associate members (suppliers of goods and services to the electric utility industry) and four affiliate members. CUC has been a member since 1992.

CUC has been assisting with restoration efforts in the Caribbean since 1995 and last assisted the Bahamas with restoration efforts following the passing of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. In 2017, CUC assisted with restoration efforts in the British Virgin Islands following the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The CUC crew is scheduled to return to the Cayman Islands in November.

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