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Cayman: Boating Regulation require CBC clearance

By: Martha Connolly

Grand Cayman, 28 September 2021 In accordance with the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 (Travel and Boating) Regulations 2021, (SL 64 o 2021), effective immediately, all marine vessels travelling from Grand Cayman to the Sister Islands must receive a clearance letter from Customs & Border Control Service (CBC).

All persons on the vessel, over the age of sixteen, must provide a vaccination certificate to the CBC Officer at the Port Authority and must not be showing any respiratory symptoms or symptoms of the virus in order to travel to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman.

If persons have not completed a COVID-19 vaccination course 14 days before travel, they will need to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test no more than 48 hours before departing, this includes all persons on board over the age of five years. Documents are to be presented to the CBC Office located at the office at the Port Authority on the George Town waterfront.

Once the required paperwork is presented to a CBC officer at the Port Authority, the clearance letter will be issued immediately. The clearance letter will then need to be presented to the CBC officer upon arrival to the sister islands.

CBC advises boaters the importance of complying with these new regulations and encourages persons to obtain the clearance during regular working hours as outside hours may result in a special fee.

To read the full regulations visit
 Updated: September 28, 2021


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