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Best fitness subscription boxes to improve your home gym

In the past year, people have changed their workout routines just because most of the gyms were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This sparked a home-workout trend that resulted in massive demand for home workout accessories. A year ago, just after the pandemic outbreak, dumbbells were sold out almost everywhere, and the demand for fitness products rise more than 100%.

One of the best ways to purchase home workout equipment is by finding a fitness subscription box that will be a constant source of fitness-related products throughout the year. 

Fitness subscription boxes are also great for getting some professional help in terms of supplying you with the right nutrition, workout exercises, and tools that are much needed for home workouts.

Without further ado, let’s find out which subscription boxes offer great value for money.

For all the best fitness subscription boxes, make sure to check out FiveBoxes.


One of the best fitness subscription boxes, especially for CrossFit lovers is GainzBox. This subscription box comes every month with four to six products that are designed to pump up your fitness routine.

Every month you can expect some delicious and healthy snacks from well-known and emerging brands, as well as, fitness apparel, activewear like running shoes, socks, and leggings, as well as workout products like weights and resistance bands which are rare in subscription boxes.

They also have special events for holidays where they offer unique one-time boxes that have unique products. Be aware that they usually cost more than the basic month-to-month subscription box.

All of this will cost you $32 if you choose a month-by-month plan plus $7 for shipping or $93 for a three-month subscription plan.


We all know that a large percentage of our workout results rely on our diet. This means that we need to ditch the unhealthy stuff and start eating the right nutrient-dense snacks that will boost our results.

With that said, StrideBox is the perfect subscription box for keeping a constant supply of healthy snacks. The best thing about this subscription box is its motivational messages that are designed to keep you focused on your goal.

Apart from delicious snacks they also provide safety and personal care items that are related to workout enthusiasts. Each box also comes with additional supplements that are designed to top up your body with all the necessary vitamins, electrolytes, and protein.

Each box comes with four to six snacks every month, and it costs $19.95 which is a great value for money considering the quality of the products.


This is another fitness-related subscription box that lets you optimize your box to your preferences. Their original box is more focused on men and features workout equipment, healthy protein-packed snacks, and fitness apparel. They also have a Miss Muscle Box plan that is focused on women’s workout gear, apparel, and snacks.

They also include some supplements like protein-packed snacks, protein powder, etc. On top of that, every box comes with Muscle Box’s vast online library of workouts.

This means that if you become a member of their club, you’ll unlock a huge online library of exercises that you can perform at home. 

The cost of all this is $29.99, which is fairly priced considering the products you receive.


The most important thing when exercising is being comfortable and hygiene. This means that you need to change your workout apparel frequently and go for comfortable and breathable clothing pieces that will allow you to reach your full potential. 

The YogaClub is the perfect subscription for the job as it comes with three-piece yoga outfit chosen by a personal stylist every month to your doorstep. 

All you need to do is complete a quiz upon registration just to give them a better idea about your style, and expect high-quality pieces from big brands like Onzie, Columbia, Manduka and Splendid every month.

The cost of all this is $79 per month, which is a bit pricy, but at least you get the highest-quality items from big apparel brands.


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